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Boston Bypass and Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG) - Boston Bypass Independents elected to Boston Borough Council - - - asking the questions that need to be asked to help find a solution to Boston's dire traffic congestion
  LATEST NEWS: 12 Dec 07: The Pressure Groups issue a press release: "We need a Council which exhibits some backbone..." More...

A press release by LCC on 1 Nov indicates that: "A recurring comment from the people of Boston during the public consultation was in relation to the removal of traffic signals around the town. Traffic modelling has indicated that removal of the traffic signals at Liquorpond Street roundabout will provide traffic flow benefits in this specific location. A trial will therefore be carried out operating Liquorpond Street roundabout without traffic signals to confirm these findings."

Line of the Distributor Road?
Line of the Distributor Road?

It also states: "Work has also begun on establishing a feasible corridor for a distributor road." More...

Latest News...

Mike Borrill
Mike Borrill
"Planning Inspectors have rejected the proposals by LCC and Lincoln City councils..."
Cllr Martin Hill, Leader Lincolnshire County Council
Cllr Martin Hill
BBEG receive reply from Cllr Hill and write back: "Are you now accusing the Grantham Journal..."
Quentin Davies MP
Quentin Davies MP
BBEG writes: "...the Conservative led Council at LCC are using delaying tactics...?"
Government Office for the East Midlands
Ministers expect to hold a further round of the regional funding process around Nov 2008...
Railway Crossing in Boston
Network Rail
Network Rail have replied to the BBEG and confirm that they are aware of the desire by LCC to build a bypass for Boston...
Ted Brooks
Ted Brooks
BBEG member & coach driver Ted Brooks made headlines in 2006 when LCC placed 10 temporary speed humps in Boston...
Sunset over Boston's traffic gridlock
Media Video
BBEG filmed their media video during March and April 2007.
View clips online...

Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)


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Boston Bypass NOW!

BBEG Website
Welcome to the official website of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group ( - highlighting both the desperate need for a solution to Boston's traffic problems and the dire state of Lincolnshire's roads. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest developments. Our website is updated very frequently - almost hourly on some days.

LATEST: Progress or Press Releases

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"We know you're listening, Councillor Hill, but who are you listening to?"
MORI Survey: Roads are Priority 1 for LCC

Flashback to 13 September 2005
The preliminary result of the MORI survey presented to Lincolnshire County Council on 13 September 2005 showed that roads are the top priority for LCC, with the need for a Boston bypass top of the list (23%).

Priority 2 was shown as children (education/schools and facilities for young people) and priority 3 community safety (police/safer communities and fire & rescue).

Southern Link Road: "Unaffordable"

Back in 2005, Mike Borrill pointed out the many problems with the idea of the Southern Link Road (SLR), which has now been confirmed as being "unaffordable" by Lincolnshire County Council.

Boston Needs A Bypass Now!

Traffic flows down Skirbeck Road, over Mount
Bridge, onto Fishtoft Road will INCREASE if the
Dock Link Road goes ahead.
(Source: Lincolnshire County Council)

BBC Radio Lincolnshire
On Friday 28 July 2006, the BBC Radio Lincolnshire Breakfast Show's text vote around the county showed that 81% of people in Lincolnshire who voted, thought Boston the most deserving of a bypass. Lincoln received 15% of the votes and Skegness and Stamford 2% each. Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council stated that the result would be "taken into consideration" but this is just "one factor amongst many when we do have to make a final decision". He also stated that "cost" and "timescale" played a big part and stated it takes 10 years after deciding to want to go ahead with any major scheme.
(BBEG comment: The same thing was said at the public meeting in November 2004 - that's 20 months ago!)
Martin Hill also stated that Lincolnshire County Council needs to "get everything organised to put a good case for Boston to Government".

Michael Borrill

BBEG members Michael Borrill and Robert Fisher appeared on BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Breakfast Show from 7am on Monday 24 July 2006.

They were helping to make the case for Boston to be prioritised by Lincolnshire County Council for a solution to the town's dire traffic problems. You can download and listen to clips from BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Breakfast Show below:

"Campaigners for a new bypass in Boston say the town will die unless a new route around it is built."
Listen to the News Bulletin clip (7am)
(750 KB)

"A lot of people will not now travel into Boston. From the West, they prefer to go to Spalding. And from the East, they prefer to go to Skegness. So unless something is done quite soon, a lot of the retail outlets in Boston will simply close down."
Michael Borrill (BBEG)
"Boston is the worst town in Lincolnshire for traffic congestion/pollution, to the point that businesses are losing money hand over fist. The town will die if Martin Hill and his Executive Group do not do something urgently for Boston."
Robert Fisher (BBEG)
Listen to Michael Borrill and Robert Fisher
(1.57 MB)

Omissions from our recorded interview can be read here: BBEG Boston Bypass Forum

"I travel through Skegness twice per week during this season. I don't get delays like Boston does all the year through. I also travel through Lincoln to visit my son at various times and days of the week. It takes me less time than Pilgrim Hospital to Sleaford Road in Boston, which is a much shorter distance, any day, any route, any time of day."
Wendy in Sibsey
Listen to Wendy's message
(477 KB)

24 July 2006


BBC Radio Lincolnshire
Brian Rush
BBEG member Brian Rush spoke live once again on BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Breakfast Show on Friday 10 March, which was broadcast from their mobile
unit in Boston town centre. Brian stated, "Lincolnshire County Council has been unfair to Boston over 20 years Ą­ the Council seems to always ignore Boston."
Mark Simmonds MP, then continued, "I donĄ¯t need to be convinced of the need for a solution to BostonĄ¯s traffic problems ¨C retailers' turnovers have dropped ¨C environmental issues are prevalent with people sitting in traffic ¨C people are shopping in Spalding and Skegness to avoid the traffic. "
Listen to Brian Rush
& Mark Simmonds MP

Listen to Brian Rush and Mark Simmonds MP
(881 KB)

Steve Willis, Lincolnshire County Council, responded that, "The transport study will be finished by May ¨C there will then be a public consultation on various options."
Listen to Steve Willis
Listen to Steve Willis (312 KB)

Robert Fisher, listening online in London, telephoned into the Breakfast Show and added that, "It's all well and good to have a public consultation exercise, like our colleagues in Waddington, who have just had their public consultation about the preferred route of the Lincoln Southern bypass. It was overwhelmingly rejected by the public - it will be interesting to see what LCC does about this."

Listen to Robert Fisher
Listen to Robert Fisher (850 KB)

10 March 2006


Boston Target - 27 Jun 2007
Boston Target
Front Page News
27 Jun 2007

In The News
The Boston Target reports on 13 Sept 2006 that Boston parking fees are down by £12,000 this year.
Must pay to park after 6pm and also on a Sunday in Boston town centre
BBEG Chair Robert Fisher commented that, "Car parking charges in the town are extortionate .. the question we need to ask is what Boston Borough Council is doing to protect the businesses in the town."
13 September 2006
Read the article ...

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