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Press Release - 26 December 2006

BBEG write for a second time to Lincolnshire County Council - Re: New Formal Complaint

Lincolnshire County Council
Corporate Complaints
PO Box 841

26 December 2006

Dear Sirs


REF: 0000306600

We are writing in response to your letter dated 19 December 2006 from Yim Kong, Head of Technical Services. (Click here to read the letter).

The letter fails to answer the questions asked, so we repeat the concerns raised once again as follows:

We stated that Officers are reporting in their documentation, as well as announcing in the local media, that the public are confused about the terminology. We then explained how you are labelling the Lincoln Southern 'Bypass' a bypass, yet a distributor road would clearly be more appropriate in this instance - the questions asked by Members at the Highways PDG Meeting back up this comment (for example, how much money would be saved if Lincoln Southern 'Bypass' was downgraded to a distributor road?). You have not explained how you have justified a full blown 'bypass' is required for Lincoln. You have not commented about the lack of the terms 'through traffic' and 'congestion' in the presentation made about Lincoln Southern 'Bypass'.

We also asked who made the decision that it was not cost effective to build a bypass for Boston without any formal economic assessment being done. You have not answered that question, but instead commented that, "Without pre-judging any future economic assessment necessary to secure government funding for the delivery of such as scheme...". Where is the evidence of a current economic assessment for Boston upon which you base your comment that is was not cost effective to build a bypass? You have repeatedly excluded and ignored Boston and it's importance within the surrounding area network (ie. Grimsby, Skegness, etc.) with tankers having to make detours to avoid the congestion - how else can this be described other than "deliberate manipulation"?

You state that 'in my view 500 vehicles per day would use a Boston Bypass'. I did not say that. I said, "Well in excess of 500 vehicles per day would use this road". You have not specified to us what type of supposed 'distributor road' LCC are proposing for Boston, but given that any road you build will carry more than 500 vehicles a day, it would need to be a primary 'distributor road' at least, if you are to comply with your own regulations, wouldn't it? Any potential 'bypass' for Boston would greatly exceed this figure. We understand that the proposed and abandoned Southern Link Road for example, would not be a primary distributor road. LCC is clearly manipulating these factors in the way you want them to go. Boston deserves better.

As regards my comment about your 'incompetence' at Lincolnshire County Council when it comes to roads and your statement that there is no evidence to support this view, you only have to look at the roads of Lincolnshire to see what a devastating mess they are in. The evidence speaks for itself. Only in the last few weeks you've narrowed the road from the A1 southbound into Long Bennington to six metres to make motorists 'slow down'. Long Bennington Parish Council state that as a result of this, "It's an accident waiting to happen". Don't forget the roundabout you installed in Boston that was too small for lorries to get round and had to be redone under protest (with the statement that the one installed did 'comply with government regulations'); or the temporary speed humps which ground the town centre to a standstill; then there's the computer model used that showed re-siting the Asda store in Boston and installing yet another set of traffic lights in Boston would not have any affect on traffic flows; need I go on? Have Officers at Lincolnshire County Council ever ventured out of Lincolnshire and seen how real roads are built? They seem to be obsessed with traffic lights and narrow roads. Not forgetting the silly little islands in the middle of the road (on the A17 for example) which add to the danger when trying to overtake slow moving vehicles, which are a specific feature of this County's roads.

Which independent auditors and inspectors are monitoring the decisions made by Officers and the Executive Group at Lincolnshire County Council? The Transport Study has been shown to be both incomplete and also to be a catalogue of errors and delays and as such should not be used to prove/disprove a case for a bypass for Boston. A complete waste of money and time.

Needless to say your letter fails to address our concerns and we will alert the Local Government Ombudsman that we have now written to you for a second time.

Yours faithfully

for and on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)

cc: Mr Tony McArdle
Chief Executive
Lincolnshire County Council
County Offices

cc: Complaints Unit Manager
Audit Policy and Appointments
Audit Commission
Westward House, Lime Kiln Close
Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34

Public Meeting
Public Meeting
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