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Press Release - 26 December 2006

BBEG write to the Information Commissioners Office

Case Reference Number ENQ0139466

Mrs Jenny Manock
Case Reception Manager (Freedom of Information)
The Information Commissioners Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

26 December 2006

Dear Mrs Manock

Thank you for your email of 30 November 2006 in which you state, "From the information that you have supplied to us it appears that you have made three requests for information to LCC, two of which have been responded to. Before we can accept a complaint regarding these requests we would first expect you to exhaust the internal complaints procedure offered by LCC. Your complaint should be specific in respect of the information you feel has not been supplied, or why it is not the information requested. Once you have exhausted this procedure if you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the review then you may appeal to us."

I am writing to now confirm that we have received the third lot of information requested and are increasingly concerned that information is missing and is clearly being manipulated by Lincolnshire County Council.

1. David Woods did meet with Chestnut Homes (see (i)) and LCC state "in the same vein that he has attended meetings with BBPG & BBEG and therefore no conflict exists". Mentioning a meeting with us is not appropriate as we are not bidding for a contract. Concerns were raised and documented within LCC Joint Officer Group (JOG) Minutes. Why didn't he also meet with Allison Homes who are also trying to bid for a contract?

2. Point (q) states no meeting took place on 24 May 2006 and it was rescheduled for 16 June 2006. Looking at the JOG Minutes in question, 22 March and 16 June, the first one (22 March) in section 1.0 Minutes of Last JOG shows items (2.2) (3.3) ... (6.2) each referring back to the previous meeting notes whereas the second one (16 June) in section 1.0 Minutes of Last JOG shows items (2.1i-iv), (2.1v), (2.3), and (2.4) which do not cross reference to the previous meeting on 22 March - there isn't even a 2.4 in those Minutes. Lincolnshire County Council have stated that no meeting took place on 24 May 2006 - we don't believe this is the truth. There must be a set of Notes/Minutes from that meeting on 24 May 2006 which we have not been given.

3. The first lot of data provided under the FOI Act was posted and was original documentation from LCC/Jacobs Babtie. The second and third lots of data provided were sent electronically by email and each document has been specifically created for us - ie. each file has 'FOI' in the name. We believe we are only being given documentation they want us to see and not being provided with that which will show how they are manipulating this process. The JOG Minutes of 16 June simply state "Actions done" for many of the points which don't cross reference - have these been removed/edited to conceal what was in the preceding missing Minutes?

The Council has delayed the Transport Study again and again and plan to announce the results over the Christmas/New Year period, discuss at the Highways PDG meeting on 8th January 2007 and make an Executive Decision on 9th January 2007. They are pushing ahead with a study that has been shown to be a catalogue of errors and delays and which should not be used to make a decision about Boston's roads. We urgently request the intervention of independent auditors and inspectors to bring this process to a halt until a full and open investigation has occurred.

Yours sincerely

for and on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)

Public Meeting
Public Meeting
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