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Boston Borough Full Council Meeting - 27 February 2006

Three members of the BBEG attended the Full Meeting of Boston Borough Council this evening, to ask public questions. Below are the questions submitted to the Council on 17 February 2006 - at least 5 days in advance, as required by the Council:

Question to Cllr Joyce Dobson by Michael Borrill

Boston is suffering economically through incorrect decisions being taken which will affect the area for some time. A booming tourist industry is there for the begging but the right conditions have to be in place.

The road infrastructure has to be rectified sooner rather than later or instead of industry relocating here, the reverse will happen. Boston Borough Council must put a more positive emphasis on roads, putting them to the forefront of development and showing a more resolute stance towards Lincolnshire County Council, who must be pressed at every opportunity.

What action is the Council taking?

Question to Cllr Joyce Dobson by Robert Fisher
Why is it that planning applications which affect the chronic traffic problems in Boston are increasingly being objected to by Boston Borough Council but overruled by Lincolnshire County Council?

How can this be allowed to happen?

Question to Cllr Mary Wright by Brian Rush
Cllr Mary Wright appears to have attempted to steal the clothes off the back of the pressure groups and protestors regarding the thankfully now doomed Southern Link Road. Her recent comments in the local press are as follows:

We should “give some thought as to its routing” and “even a realigned SLR”;

It (the SLR) “could have delivered part of the infrastructure for a solution to the areas traffic problems”;

Now “we need a radical cure for our traffic problems”.

When protest groups suggested relocating the SLR to form a part of the yearned for bypass, this was rejected without any consideration.

She is now suggesting re-routing. If she supports it now, can she honestly tell us why she opposed it in the past?

Supplementary Questions

Following each prepared answer given by members of the Council, the following supplementary questions were asked by the three members of the BBEG in turn:

Supplementary Question by Michael Borrill
It has been suggested that Lincolnshire County Council is looking at other ways to fund the Lincoln Eastern Bypass. What action is being taken to look at alternative funding for a Boston Bypass?

Supplementary Question by Robert Fisher
Thank you for clarifying that Boston Borough Council does not and will not allow Lincolnshire County Council to overrule their planning decisions. However, are you not regularly advised that if you turn down planning applications solely on highways issues alone, the expectation is for LCC to state that BBC would lose on appeal or that LCC will attach conditions?

Supplementary Question by Brian Rush
Can I now be assured that whatever logic or inspiration she has adopted which seems to have caused her to consider re-routing, she will apply the same processes to the ill-conceived, and in my opinion, extremely dangerous and ineffectual Dock Link Road, and on the basis of this new found illumination, will she seek to direct her elite 21 Group to support Councillors of all parties, and the townsfolk of Boston, vocally and visibly, in the pursuance of the delivery of the only road project that really will secure the future economic lifeline of Boston and the surrounding area, that madam, is the Boston Bypass. Could she please answer, yes or no, and if not why not?

Once the answers to all questions have been provided by the Council, we will post them on this website.


Boston Borough Council would not allow BBEG member Brian Rush to ask his original public question at the Full Council Meeting on 27 February, claiming it had to be re-worded "to remove any offence." The phrase that was removed from the questions submitted in advance to Council was: "Cllr Mary Wright appears to have attempted to steal the clothes off the back of the pressure groups and protestors regarding the thankfully now doomed Southern Link Road."
Brian Rush is now asking who was involved in this "censoring process"?

Photographic Evidence
At the public meeting held by the Boston Target in November 2004, it was highlighted to Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire County Council that something needed to be done about Boston's dire traffic congestion.

Here we are, 15 months later, and the traffic situation remains exactly the same, as shown by the photographic evidence taken on 10 February 2006.
See the photos ...