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Highways Policy Development Group (PDG) Meeting - 04 December 2006

BBEG attend Lincolnshire County Council's Highways PDG Meeting

The Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG) attended the Highways PDG Meeting today at LCC.

Following the obvious push towards a distributor road by the Council, BBEG Chairman Robert Fisher was interviewed by local radio stations Lincs FM and BBC Radio Lincolnshire. The BBEG would ask if this is an attempt to simply rehash the Southern Link Road and market it in a different package?

You can listen to a few of the news bulletins below, in case you missed the live broadcasts and a few of the key points are also listed below.

Quotes from the Highways PDG Meeting
"Lives of Boston people are blighted by congestion. This report makes no firm recommendation. The Transport Study is seriously flawed. We must identify the corridor (route) of any distributor road as soon as possible. An economic study must be carried out for Boston within the Vision Report. Boston has suffered years of gridlock and is strangled by traffic lights."
Cllr Richard Austin

"Having listened to the debate about Boston, Lincoln would be better served by a distributor road."
Cllr Coopland

"What reduction in cost would be achieved if Lincoln Southern bypass was downgraded to a distributor road?"
Cllr Richard Austin

Protest March 05 Dec 2004
Robert Fisher, Chairman of the BBEG attends the Highways PDG Meeting at LCC along with fellow
BBEG members Michael Borrill and Ted Brooks.

BBC Radio Lincolnshire
Robert Fisher
BBEG Chairman Robert Fisher speaks on BBC Radio Lincolnshire: "We had a public meeting 2 years ago - the people of Boston were shouting at the Council
then, "Do something about it!". So far, nothing has changed."
Listen to the 5pm News Bulletin
Listen to Robert Fisher
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Lincs FM
Robert Fisher spoke also on Lincs FM today: "We do not want another John Adams Way."
Listen to the 3pm News Bulletin
Listen to Robert Fisher
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Robert Fisher: "If you think of it like an hourglass, where the sand has to pass through a little gap in the middle, that's what John Adams Way is, that's what the bridge is, so widening the hourglass at the top and the bottom, will result in the sand getting clogged even more."
Listen to the 5pm News Bulletin
Listen to Robert Fisher
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Robert Fisher (Chair BBEG)
04 December 2006


Public Comments
The written comments made by the public at the recent Public Consultation in July 2006 held by Lincolnshire County Council include:
"Traffic wise Boston is a snarled up mess. It takes ages to get from A to B, adding to pollution problems. A proper bypass is required to re-route all of the through traffic (especially coastal traffic and lorries)."
"Bypass Boston now before the town dies."
"It is significant that the case for a Bypass has been so poorly presented in this document. Most of the measures detailed are mere temporary palliatives."
"A bypass has been muted for the past 50 years and shelved each time. Experience with other towns, villages and cities a bypass is the only answer and a must. What is wrong with our local councillors and county councillors for this area, do they not force the issue, other places elsewhere in the country seem to successfully."
02 December 2006
See the full list (PDF document - 211KB) displayed on the Lincolnshire County Council website...