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Press Release - 01 Mar 2006

Robert Fisher writes to Cllr Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council

Dear Councillor Hill


I write, having spent the last 15 months campaigning for a Bypass for Boston.

I consider myself to be an honest, hard working Bostonian, who joined the campaign with the sole reason of preventing another John Adams Way from being constructed in Boston, dividing the town in half – guised as the Southern Link Road and Dock Link Road – adding to the traffic congestion.

We desperately need a bypass.

I’ve witnessed and documented the events of the last 15 months with interest. I believe that your recent MORI commissioned campaign which stated, “You talk, we listen”, has fallen at the first hurdle – the overwhelming response that the people “talked” about (the need for a Boston Bypass) was not only ignored by you, but has since been attempted to prove otherwise in your own publication – County News.

The people of Waddington do not want their village to be divided in half by the Lincoln Southern Bypass. Why won’t you listen to them?

Remember that I attended the infamous meeting with the Leaders of both Boston Borough and Lincolnshire County Councils – I witnessed your sole objection to my colleague Michael Borrill from chairing our own meeting!

Mark Simmonds MP and Robert Fisher
Flashback to September 2005

How different our meeting with Mark Simmonds MP was. I chaired that meeting, and Mr Simmonds was able to get across his own input to the meeting, in a determined and honest way, without the need to insist on chairing the meeting and stopping any discussions that he did not want to listen to.



Photo: Mark Simmonds MP and Robert Fisher in 2005

Indeed, the pressure group that I used to belong to wrote to you on 7 April 2005, stating that:

“A huge opportunity is being missed here! If the Southern Link Road was built 1 mile further out from its present site, it could form the first part of the Bypass, which when extended and completed would negate the need for the Dock Link Road. Surely this makes more economic sense and would satisfy the aspirations of everyone.”

and that:

“We also require that the 2005 Local Transport Plan has the inclusion of a major road scheme for Boston.”

I can also vouch for the fact that the movement of the SLR 1 mile out was also mentioned to you at the aforementioned meeting, which at the time, appeared to get your interest, resulting in your asking us if we would be happy with moving it 1 mile out. “Yes” was the resounding reply!

You can therefore appreciate my frustration upon hearing that the SLR is “simply unaffordable”.

It seems that Lincolnshire County Council is determined not to give Boston a bypass and that you will go to any lengths to avoid this. The BBEG have just attended the Full Council Meeting at Boston Borough Council and it would also seem that the latest ploy by LCC/BBC is to attempt to state that I do not know what I am talking about. I refer to the recent letter by Elaine Turner and Cllr Dobson’s comments at the Council meeting:

Elaine Turner: “I think that there may be some confusion …”

Cllr Dobson: “Mr. Fisher's understanding of the planning application process is not quite correct I'm afraid.”

Make no mistake, Councillor Hill, if there’s a problem that needs fixing and all that is given is excuse after excuse, I will shout loudly and draw attention to this fact. That’s the reason I felt compelled to do something about preventing a repeat of John Adams Way in the first place.

You might think that delaying the issue by instigating traffic surveys, quoting Government statistics and policies for example, will bide you time. I’m afraid that doesn’t wash with me. What’s the point of traffic surveys, MORI polls, etc., and also stating that the Government is to blame, when all the time, as I see it, the simple fact is that Lincolnshire County Council wants the money allocated for Lincoln? What has happened to the allocated rate payers’ money that was going towards the Southern Link Road?

Why do you refuse to ask the Government for funding for a bypass for Boston? The Government, quite rightly, claim that no funding has been requested by Lincolnshire County Council. What have you got to lose by requesting the funding – I guess it’s the possible loss of the Lincoln bypasses?

So, Councillor Hill, as I stated at the beginning of this letter, a personal plea – and that is honesty. I challenge you to include a bypass for Boston in the 2nd Local Transport Plan and request the funding from Government.

As was stated in November 2004 – enough is enough.

I hope this letter does not fall on deaf ears.

Yours sincerely

Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
01 March 2006

Click here to read Martin Hill's reply dated 22 March 2006


Martin Hill replies to the BBEG
"The County Council has listened to the people of Boston and abandoned the Southern Economy Corridor Route ... "

"You are incorrect to state that Boston Bypass is not mentioned in the second local transport plan ... there is much work to do and I welcome your support in doing that."
22 March 2006
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