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Press Release - 02 May 2006

BBEG make a Formal Complaint to Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council
Corporate Complaints
PO Box 841

2 May 2006

Dear Sirs


We are writing to submit a formal complaint against Lincolnshire County Council for progressing the above road (A1073) in the 2nd Local Transport Plan, despite the conviction of Mr Speechley for his involvement in the re-routing of this road and the recent disqualification of Mr Croft for breaching the Councillors Code of Conduct.

To our knowledge, no subsequent investigation into the chosen route of the A1073 has taken place, and despite Cllr Hill's recent comments in the County News (May 2006 edition) that, "the events at the centre of this hearing took place before I became leader and appointed an entirely new executive", Cllr Hill was in fact, we understand, Finance Chairman at the time. LCC are going ahead with a road scheme which was "planned" by a previous leader, who was convicted for that reason and who will now profit.

Furthermore, Cllr Hill claims to have sought the 'help of councillors of all groups', but proceeded to get elected an entirely new executive from his own same political party. We understand that the whole current cabinet were supporting Mr Speechley as Councillors.

LCC are proceeding with this same scheme, to the detriment of the urgent requirement of a road infrastructure in Boston, despite rising costs, as we understand it, from £24 million to £44 million to £77 million, yet a small road scheme in Boston has been recently labelled as "simply unaffordable". The LCC Executive Decision which became effective on 15 February 2006 states that Boston is to be included in an aspirational list and that no work be undertaken on any aspirational schemes during the LTP2 period because they are "unlikely to be of such regional importance that they would gain regional backing for central government funding".

We also understand that there has been no agreement of funding from the Eastern Region for the A1073, since the road in question passes over the border of Lincolnshire to Peterboro. This will surely only lead to even further funding being required from the pot of money held by the Regional Assembly?

The BBEG would like to see a full independent Inquiry into the decision to continue with the A1073 in its current unchallenged state, following the conviction of Mr Speechley, and the inclusion of the A1073 in the 2nd Local Transport Plan above that of more urgent road infrastructures.

Yours faithfully

for and on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
02 May 2006

cc: Mr Tony McArdle
Chief Executive
Lincolnshire County Council
County Offices

cc: Complaints Unit Manager
Audit Policy and Appointments
Audit Commission
Westward House, Lime Kiln Close
Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34


Observations of a Coach Driver
Ted Brooks states, "Lincolnshire is the worst county that I drive in and I have lived there all my life ... There is very little chance to overtake safely. Even some existing wider roads are being made single file by planting concrete kerbs and bollards in the middle of the road. Is that safer?"

"What Lincoln wants, Lincoln gets. What Boston needs, Lincoln forgets."
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