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Press Release - 03 January 2007

BBEG write again to Cllr Cooper, Chair Highways PDG, Lincolnshire County Council

Dear Cllr Cooper

We are now in receipt of the Minutes/Notes from the Highways PDG meeting held on Monday 4 December 2006.

Once again there are omissions from the comments made that we witnessed.

Whilst your Minutes/Notes mention the comment by Cllr Austin that it would be helpful to establish a line of any proposed distributor road as soon as possible, they fail to include the other very relevant comments made, as detailed at the time on our website ( - namely:

"Lives of Boston people are blighted by congestion. This report makes no firm recommendation. The Transport Study is seriously flawed. We must identify the corridor (route) of any distributor road as soon as possible. An economic study must be carried out for Boston within the Vision Report. Boston has suffered years of gridlock and is strangled by traffic lights."
Cllr Richard Austin

"Having listened to the debate about Boston, Lincoln would be better served by a distributor road."
Cllr Coopland

"What reduction in cost would be achieved if Lincoln Southern bypass was downgraded to a distributor road?"
Cllr Richard Austin

We trust you will ensure the Minutes/Notes are appropriately amended to accurately record Members comments as we witnessed and hope that the independent auditors and inspectors who are supposed to be monitoring the decisions made by Officers and the Executive of Lincolnshire County Council call a halt to these proceedings before the Executive Decision due to be made on the 9 January 2007. The manipulation and control demonstrated for years by Lincolnshire County Council cannot be allowed to continue.

Boston deserves better.

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
03 January 2007

Public Meeting
Public Meeting
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