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Press Release - 03 October 2006

Michael Borrill writes to the Editors of the Boston Standard and the Boston Target

The October issue of the "County News" asks for views on the Southern Bypass for Lincoln. This bypass is proposed and being pushed through quickly, on top of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass, which is scheduled for the next large bypass in Lincolnshire. The article anticipates that the bypasses would reduce traffic congestion and make it easier to get into and out of the city. It amazes me when it is far easier to get into and out of Lincoln compared to Boston. It recently took me 50 minutes to get from my house in Boston to Pilgrim Hospital, more or less the same time span to get to Lincoln County Hospital.

I have suggested to Cllr Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council and to Boston Borough Council that a JAC (Joint Advisory Committee) be set up for Boston but Cllr Hill, politely pointed out that there are more authorities for the Greater Lincoln Area than the two for Boston. This is correct, but the committee comprises other representatives as well, namely EMDA, Environmental Agency and Lincolnshire Enterprise. However, the most significant point to note is that Cllr William Webb is Chair of the Committee. How convenient when he is Portfolio Holder for Highways and makes all the decisions.

Come on Councillors at Boston Borough, get lobbying!

In the same edition it mentions that work on the Burgh le Marsh bypass has commenced 18 months earlier than expected. This was due to successful lobbying by the Council. Who is Chair of the Highways PDG, non other than Cllr Neil Cooper. I need not mention which part of Lincolnshire Cllr Cooper represents.

The Boston Transport Study was due to be discussed at the Highways PDG meeting this week but once again, Boston has been put to one side. Maybe there are more pressing issues but why are our County Councillors not pushing? I think the word is lobbying! They are elected to represent us at Lincoln but I see little activity. They need to ask why the continued postponement.

Come on County Councillors, get lobbying!

Over the last week or so it has been interesting to see that our Borough Councillors are now mentioning the word "bypass". I wonder why? They have 8 months to get some action. Anyone who supports a bypass will get our group's support. We need a bypass and not any small piecemeal alterations to traffic lights, more roundabouts, one-way systems, etc.

Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
03 October 2006


The BBEG have met with Mark Simmonds MP.
BBEG meet with Mark Simmonds MP
BBEG Chairman Robert Fisher states: "It was a very revealing meeting, and it also gave us the chance to reaffirm our group's stance that a bit-part solution will not be acceptable - we do not want to be passed off with another John Adams Way by widening existing roads - the only solution is the provision of a decent road infrastructure around the town."
29 September 2006
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