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Press Release - 03 November 2006

BBEG write to Acting Monitoring Officer LCC, David O'Connor

Mr David O’Connor
Acting Monitoring Officer
Lincolnshire County Council
County Offices

3 November 2006

Dear Sir


I am writing on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG) to raise a Formal Complaint against Lincolnshire County Council with regard to the composition of the Executive Group and the way the group was hand picked by Martin Hill, the Leader of Lincolnshire County Council.

On 7 April 2005, our colleague Mrs Christine Basu of the Boston & District Bypass Pressure Group (BBPG) wrote to Councillor Hill and he failed to reply to Mrs Basu. Her letter is attached for your information.

As a direct result of the decisions made by Martin Hill’s Executive Group, Boston has been placed on an ‘aspirational’ list within the 2nd Local Transport Plan (LTP2) with a subsequent Executive decision stating that no work is carried out on any aspirational schemes within the whole of the LTP2 period.

At the first Joint Officer’s Group meeting, information we have been trying to get hold of for some time under the Freedom of Information Act, it was stated then that Boston should be looked at on the 2021 horizon. This is simply unacceptable.

We believe Martin Hill is misleading the public by stating as he did on BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Breakfast Show on 31 October 2006 that, “If we are unsuccessful with the Government, we can look at ways we can spend £6 million...” As far as we are aware, no funding has ever been requested from the Government.

Cllr William Webb, who is an Executive Group Member appointed by Martin Hill, has also been given the role of Chairman of the Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) for Lincoln, which has high on their agenda, two bypasses for Lincoln.

Cllr Terry Taylor, stood for election in 2005, and had been promised a role on the Executive Group at LCC, but as Cllr Taylor had chaired the Economic Development & Tourist Working Group from October 2003 to March 2005, he had been actively pushing for the Southern Economic Corridor, which is undoubtedly the main reason he was not elected by the people of that constituency in Boston. Cllr Richard Austin, the Bypass Independent candidate was elected by the public to replace Cllr Taylor. But of course, Martin Hill did not replace the vacant position on the Executive Group with the councillor elected by the people of Boston. We believe he chose a councillor who more suited his own thinking, that Boston was not a priority and was not in need of a bypass or major road scheme.

81% of the people in Lincolnshire in a recent text poll on BBC Radio Lincolnshire voted that Boston should be the main priority in Lincolnshire for a bypass or major road scheme. We believe that Martin Hill is pressing on with the Southern Economic Corridor idea, but in the guise of a different name. This is not what the people of Boston want or need to solve the dire traffic congestion that the town has to endure on a daily basis.

We look forward to hearing what action you will be taking before taking the matter up with the Standards Board. We are simply not going to accept the current situation – do we have a democracy or not?

Yours faithfully

Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
03 November 2006


The BBEG have met with Mark Simmonds MP.
BBEG meet with Mark Simmonds MP
BBEG Chairman Robert Fisher states: "It was a very revealing meeting, and it also gave us the chance to reaffirm our group's stance that a bit-part solution will not be acceptable - we do not want to be passed off with another John Adams Way by widening existing roads - the only solution is the provision of a decent road infrastructure around the town."
29 September 2006
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