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Press Release - 04 May 2007

The Boston Bypass Independents (BBI) take over Boston Borough Council

The Boston Bypass Independents have taken over control of Boston Borough Council, making political history for Boston and dropping their "political bombshell", gaining 25 seats out of 32.

The Borough Council will now comprise:

Boston Bypass Independents (BBI): 25 seats; Conservatives (CON): 5 seats;
Independents (IND): 2 seats.

The pie chart below shows the total number of counted votes by Party, across all Wards.

Total Counted Votes

For a full list of the election results, click here.

The Boston Bypass Independents
The winning candidates from the Boston Bypass Independents celebrate.

"We are a few months old and came from nowhere. We needed a bombshell and got it."
Richard Austin, BBI
Daily Mail, Sat 05 May 2007



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National News!
BBEG member Ted Brooks made the front page of the Boston Standard on 12 April 2006, commenting about LCC's placement of 10 temporary speed humps in South Street.

Ted stated, "The situation was just stupid."
Steve Willis, LCC, admitted, "The intention was to slow traffic in that area, but we (the County Council) didn't anticipate the level of congestion."
12 April 2006
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