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Press Release - 04 July 2006

BBEG enlist the help of "Tina" to try to get LCC to listen to voices of reason

The Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG) have enlisted the help of Listening Dog "Tina" to try to get Lincolnshire County Council to listen to voices of reason.

Listening Dog "Tina"
on hand to help LCC listen
to voices of reason

Come and meet Tina in the Market Place, Boston on Saturday 15th July 2006. The BBEG will be in town with Tina from 10am to 5pm and will be pleased to discuss our group's campaign to date with you.


We are continually getting ever increasing support from the public and would encourage those Bostonians who feel passionately that something needs to be done about Boston's dire traffic congestion, consider joining our group.

We respect all information passed on confidentially.

Here are just a few examples of why we consider that LCC need help in listening to the voices of the public and to the Councillors elected by the public to represent them:

"When the traffic lights fail in the town, the traffic actually starts to move."
Taxi Drivers and members of the public at the Public Meeting, November 2004

"Congestion in Boston is so bad, that a comprehensive solution, not a bit part solution, is required."
Mark Simmonds MP, 21 July 2005

The preliminary result of the MORI survey presented to Lincolnshire County Council on 13 September 2005 showed that roads are the top priority identified by the public for LCC, with the need for a Boston bypass top of the list (23%).
MORI Survey Preliminary Result, 13th September 2005

Here's what Lincolnshire County Council have stated:

"The traffic lights are here to stay."
Richard Wills, Lincolnshire County Council, 14th September 2005

"We must keep our minds open to all solutions and timescales. There is no reason why the proposed SLR cannot sit alongside other distributor roads and other improvements to the highway network in Boston."
David Woods, Project Manager, Jacobs Babtie/Lincolnshire County Council, 24th October 2005

The LCC Executive Decision which became effective on 15 February 2006 states that Boston is to be included in an aspirational list and that no work be undertaken on any aspirational schemes during the LTP2 period because they are "unlikely to be of such regional importance that they would gain regional backing for central government funding".
Martin Hill’s Executive Group Decision, 15th February 2006

The BBEG promise made in March 2006:

"I'd like to state clearly to you, here and now, that if you do actually listen to the people of Boston, and deliver what is actually wanted, I will personally make sure that full credit, where credit is due, is attributed to Lincolnshire County Council and yourself as Leader of the Council."
Robert Fisher on behalf of the BBEG in a letter to Martin Hill, 28th March 2006

Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
04 July 2006


Flashback to Nov 2004: At the public meeting held by the Boston Target, Anne Dorrian, then Chair of the BBPG, stated four ways she believed the issue needed to be moved forward:

1. A comprehensive traffic analysis;

2. A proper consultation with local people

3. Full commitment from elected members who need to lobby extensively on behalf of the people they represent

4. A sustained and high profile campaign at the highest level to ensure that a bypass for Boston is included in the local transport plan and is prioritised by the County Council

BBEG attend Highways PDG meeting at LCC
Michael Borrill and Robert Fisher attended the Highways PDG Meeting at Lincolnshire County Council on 15 May 2006, who as members of the public, were not able to comment or participate in the meeting themselves.

Cllr Richard Austin however asked questions, including, "Is Lincolnshire represented on the Regional East Midlands Assembly?"
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