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Press Release - 04 September 2006

Robert Fisher writes to Cllr William Webb

Cllr William Webb
Kitling House
Lincolnshire PE12 0BY

4 September 2006

Dear Councillor Webb


Further to our group’s discussion with you at the LCC Public Consultation in Boston on Saturday 15 July 1006, you stated to us that, “After today, I would be very foolish to return to LCC and do nothing for Boston. It is clear that Boston needs both a short term and long term solution.”

You also stated that you would look at turning off the traffic lights at Bargate roundabout as one of the short term solutions.

Shortly after our discussions, BBEG group member Ted Brooks wrote to you on 31 July 2006, asking when you are going to do as you said you would, and turn off the traffic lights on Bargate bridge, adding, “On Saturday 22nd July my wife thought that you had done it because when she drove round there the lights were out and the traffic was flowing freely - but alas it was due to a power failure during a thunderstorm and they were quickly put on again.”

To date, you have not replied to Ted Brook’s letter or indeed done anything about the traffic lights it would seem, as you said you would?

Does this mean that you have in fact returned to LCC and done nothing for Boston? Or perhaps have you been prevented from doing so by someone? We look forward to receiving your response and explanation.

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
04 September 2006


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