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Press Release - 05 September 2006

Michael Borrill replies to Elaine Turner

Your ref. ET/HC/MSA/0521/PMF

05 September 2006

Mrs E Turner
Technical Services Partnership
Witham Park House
Waterside South
Lincoln LN5 7JN

Dear Mrs Turner


I thank you for your response to my email of the 25th August and have noted your comments, which, although informative, raise several issues.
(To read Elaine Turner's response dated 01 Sep 2006, click here Microsoft Word Document)

Firstly, you quote me as being selective with my words, which may appear so, but I do appreciate the difference between Lincoln and Boston. Size should not be compared when we are looking at road infrastructures but more importantly congestion and pollution. Two major requirements of the Department for Transport. My knowledge of both places tells me which fulfils the above requirements.

I appreciate that the Lincoln Traffic Model is coming to the end of it’s life and obviously you wish to proceed with a more up to date piece of software which takes into account more transport options and alternatives.

This leaves two issues, which need explaining.

1. We queried the use of the SATURN model when the Boston Transport Study commenced, as we understood a more suitable model was available. If you knew at that time of this model, why was it not used?
It could be that a pre-judgment had been made and that nothing would be done for Boston in the short term.

2. The ability of SATURN to accurately model traffic flows at individual junctions or other local impacts are less accurate. Surely this is a major requirement for the abundance of traffic lights in the area John Adams Way, Sleaford Road, area of Boston?

It would appear, therefore, that if a bypass for Boston is proposed a new assessment will be needed which presumably will envisage the use of the VISSIM to fulfil Government criteria.

You quote in your letter that, "Where new modelling applications are appropriate to better justify future bids for transport funding, we will always examine situations on merit, as we have done in the case for Lincoln". This does, therefore, indicate that Lincoln is being given a preferential case and treatment.

This does appear to be a waste of taxpayer’s money when the most appropriate model should have been used for Boston in the first instance.

Although we have asked on numerous occasions for a breakdown of the funding and contract with Jacobs Babtie, it would be useful to know an estimate of finance required for other modeling tools if a bypass for Boston is proposed and we would be pleased if you could advise us of an estimate of this.

Yours sincerely

Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
05 September 2006


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