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Press Release - 06 April 2007

BBEG write to Cllr Horace Battram

Dear Cllr Battram

In Issue 3 of "Boston Matters", the Boston Borough Council's own publication, you wrote as follows:

"Traffic problems are unquestionably the big issue in Boston's West Ward. Straddling Sleaford Road, the neighbourhood is a pleasant residential area dogged by a constant stream of cars, lorries and buses. I live on Sleaford Road so I know all about it. Sometimes it's even difficult to get off my drive and when I had to go to hospital recently, it took me nearly an hour to travel 3 miles. I believe the obvious solution is a bypass for Boston and that we should all stand up and fight for it. Other places get bypasses and I don't see why Boston should not get one; we certainly need one. We need to lobby, shout, bang the drum and really let people know that we mean what we say."

We would like to ask why, since you have refused to appear in our media video, you appear to have stopped banging the drum?

Does Boston not matter to you anymore?

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
06 April 2007


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