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Press Release - 06 December 2006

BBEG make a further Formal Complaint to Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council
Corporate Complaints
PO Box 841

6 December 2006

Dear Sirs


We are writing to submit a formal complaint against Lincolnshire County Council for what we consider inappropriate manipulation of the terms "bypass" and "distributor road" with regard to both Boston and Lincoln (the Lincoln Southern 'Bypass').

Officers are reporting in their documentation, as well as announcing in the local media, that the public are confused about the terminology. Yet it was evident from the Highways PDG Meeting on Monday 4 December 2006, where you proudly displayed the four main objectives of the Lincoln Southern 'Bypass', which clearly state that the purpose of the road is to allow the city to expand and develop, that it's not the public who are confused at all. No mention of through traffic; no mention of congestion. We believe the public are in fact being manipulated here. You displayed this road, built in sections, with 4 entry points in the Southern section alone - this clearly differs from your comment to Bostonians that a bypass goes from one end to the other, with few or no exit/entry points, built in one go as a whole and does not distribute traffic. The Lincoln Southern 'Bypass' is also a single carriageway road.

Whilst boldly pressing on with progressing the Lincoln Southern 'Bypass', you claim Boston does not meet the requirements for a bypass. A bypass would be a better quality road - usually dual carriageway - you tell us. We know as well as you do that Lincolnshire County Council simply does not build decent dual carriageway roads in Lincolnshire.

Applying your repeated excuses for why Boston is not deserving of a bypass to what is actually happening in Lincoln, it is obvious to us that the very best compliment we can make of the Council is that you are simply incompetent; however as we uncover more and more examples of how you deliberately select the choice of words, who attends your Stakeholder's Reference Group meetings, even where they sit at these meetings, we feel that we have to now state that the unchallenged deliberate control and manipulation you seem to have got away with for years and years must not continue. Which auditors and inspectors are actually monitoring the decisions your Officers and Executive Group are making?

The fact is that the route of a potential bypass for Boston has to take the exact same position as a distributor road would - it would have to cross the very same roads/river already in existence. You clearly do not understand the unique situation that Boston is in. Solid congestion and gridlock. A bypass is needed to relieve this - nothing else will adequately touch this severe problem. Well in excess of 500 vehicles per day would use this road.

You have also claimed that it is not cost effective to build a bypass for Boston. Who has made that decision without any formal economic assessment (the same as those carried out for Lincoln and Burgh le Marsh for example) and on what basis was this decision made?

The Transport Study has been shown to be both incomplete and also to be a catalogue of errors and delays and as such should not be used to prove/disprove a case for a bypass for Boston.

We will alert the Local Government Ombudsman that we are raising a new Formal Complaint against Lincolnshire County Council today and look forward to hearing your response to this letter in the very near future.

Boston deserves better from Lincolnshire County Council.

Yours faithfully

for and on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)

cc: Mr Tony McArdle
Chief Executive
Lincolnshire County Council
County Offices

cc: Complaints Unit Manager
Audit Policy and Appointments
Audit Commission
Westward House, Lime Kiln Close
Stoke Gifford, Bristol, BS34


Public Comments
The written comments made by the public at the recent Public Consultation in July 2006 held by Lincolnshire County Council include:
"Traffic wise Boston is a snarled up mess. It takes ages to get from A to B, adding to pollution problems. A proper bypass is required to re-route all of the through traffic (especially coastal traffic and lorries)."
"Bypass Boston now before the town dies."
"It is significant that the case for a Bypass has been so poorly presented in this document. Most of the measures detailed are mere temporary palliatives."
"A bypass has been muted for the past 50 years and shelved each time. Experience with other towns, villages and cities a bypass is the only answer and a must. What is wrong with our local councillors and county councillors for this area, do they not force the issue, other places elsewhere in the country seem to successfully."
02 December 2006
See the full list (PDF document - 211KB) displayed on the Lincolnshire County Council website...