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Press Release - 07 February 2007

LCC Admit They Told Yet Another Untruth - The Missing Joint Officer Group Minutes Do Exist
Missing Minutes State "SATURN testing results show all the highway improvement options have hardly any effect on flows on the main A16/A52 roads"

They arrived on our doorstep this morning - the 7th February 2007 - the missing Joint Officer Group Minutes from 24 May 2006. Withheld until now - after the Executive Decision was made; after the Scrutiny Management Committee Call In, which heard Officers explain how they would widen the level crossing in Boston to 3 lanes, like they did in Lincoln. NOT TRUE! All Lincoln's level crossings have 2 lanes, as we believe do those across the whole of the UK. For further information/photographs about the Railway Crossings, click here...

Here it is in black and white: "SATURN testing results show all the highway improvement options have hardly any effect on flows on the main A16/A52 roads".

Yet still the Council seems to want to press ahead with the road widening scheme for Boston, regardless. Why? If the traffic flows are hardly effected, as shown by the traffic modelling, we will have even more cars sitting in congestion in 3 lanes instead of 2, ensuring already high pollution levels are set to increase (carcinogenic PM10 levels for example, from tyre rubber). This money would be far better spent preparing the way for a major road scheme around the town - the process needs starting NOW!
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Which independent auditors and inspectors are monitoring the decisions made by Officers and the Executive Group at Lincolnshire County Council? Why were these Minutes withheld until now? "Confusion over the extra Joint Officer Group which was held on 16 June 2006?" Do we believe that excuse?

The BBEG will be replying to the letter from Lincolnshire County Council as, once again, they have not answered all the questions we asked, and will keep the Information Commissioner appraised of developments.

Read the full letter received 7th Feb from Lincolnshire County Council under the FOI Act here...

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
07 February 2007


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Boston Target - 07 Feb 2007
Boston Target
Front Page News
07 Feb 2007:

Rob Fisher, chairman for Boston Bypass and Economic Growth Pressure Group said the road closures are only adding to the town's already congested roads.

He said: "The town was absolutely gridlocked on Monday. It was bedlam.

"If we had a through road it would ease the traffic much more at times like this as well as on a normal day."

One resident of Carlton Road, said she had counted 372 cars pass her house in just 45 minutes on Monday morning. "It is absolutely crazy," she said.

Alan Markham, committee member for the Federation of Small Businesses, said everyone was suffering from the road closure. "I know roads have to be repaired, but it really affects the town. I think this shows the urgency of a need for a bypass.

"Small businesses are suffering even more as people do not want to sit in traffic to come into town. However, all businesses will be affected. Emergency services will also suffer a delay."