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Press Release by the Boston Bypass Independents - 07 April 2007
The BBEG has been asked to include a press release by the BBI on our website. We are happy to help promote any individual or group that has shown itself to be committed to the cause of pushing for a major road scheme for Boston.

All is set for a Political Earthquake

Boston is poised to see the greatest political protest in its history. The Boston Bypass Independents have a candidate in every seat. The stage is now set for the voters of Boston to create a political earthquake on the 3rd May.

When a large number are elected it will create shock waves that will be felt by central Government in Westminster. It would severely shake the Lincolnshire County Council politicians who are stifling the investment of £48 million for a bypass for Boston. The voters have a great chance to change ‘political will’.

It is now up to the electorate to decide. The larger the number of Boston Bypass Independent candidates that are elected the greater will be the effect. Voters could help to break the political log jam. If all 32 candidates are elected it would register as force ten on the political Richter scale.

Boston Bypass Independents
The BBI will field a candidate in every seat.

The candidates come from a wide spectrum of society and range of professions and have a great selection of very useful experience. About a quarter have had senior positions in large multi-million pound businesses and their experience could be of great benefit to Boston Borough Council. The age range is also a wide, the youngest being 24 years old.

Richard Austin
Chairman, BBI
07 April 2007


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Richard Austin was elected to represent the Boston South division at Lincolnshire County Council in May 2005, achieving 1,481 votes. He beat Bob Cory (1,060 votes), Terry Taylor (850 votes) and Steve Wyatt (264 votes).
Cllr Richard Austin
"This big majority sends a very powerful message to the County Council that the people of Boston feel utterly neglected. They feel a Bypass should have been built years ago. The appalling tail backs and congestion affect everyone."
Richard Austin, May 2005