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Press Release - 07 July 2006

BBEG write further: Formal Complaint to LCC - Stage 3 - Review by Chief Executive

Mr Tony McArdle
Chief Executive
Lincolnshire County Council
County Offices

07 July 2006

Dear Sir

Stage 3 – Review by Chief Executive
Complaint Reference No: 192822

Further to our letter to you dated 20 June 2006, we have not received any response from you at all.

Your Complaint Policy does not actually specify a time period for your replying to a Stage 3 Review letter, nor any degree of certainty that you will indeed do so.

We are therefore writing again to inform you that if we do not receive a reply to our letter by the 13 July 2006, we will then have no option but to write to the Local Government Ombudsman in York, in accordance with your Complaint Policy.

Since our letter, representatives of the BBEG attended the Waddington Parish Public Meeting, where the Leader of Lincolnshire County Council confirmed that he alone appointed Councillors to his Executive Group and it was stated several times during the evening that the Executive Group members are the ones who make the decisions. The Councillor for Waddington, elected by the people to represent them, is standing by her electorate and challenging the decision made single handedly by Executive Member for Highways, Cllr William Webb, to route the Lincoln Southern bypass through the village of Waddington. This is a further example of our ongoing concerns.

We repeat our call for an independent Inquiry into the decision made by Lincolnshire County Council that the A1073 is being put forward above that of more urgent road infrastructures. The democratic processes involved in making such a decision urgently require further investigation.

We look forward to receiving your reply soonest.

Yours faithfully

For and on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
07 July 2006


Letter from East Midlands Regional Assembly
"Boston did not, on this occasion, emerge as one of the 30-odd schemes that were included in the regional Advice passed to Ministers at the end of January 2006."

"Schemes in Lincolnshire that did were: A1073 Spalding - Eye, A158 Burgh By-Pass and Lincoln Eastern By-Pass."
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Listening Dog "Tina"
Listening Dog "Tina"
Trying to get LCC to listen ...
Come and meet Tina in the Market Place in Boston on Saturday 15 July 2006.