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Press Release - 10 March 2007

Robert Fisher writes to the Editor of the Boston Target in response to Stephen Wyatt

I could not let the opportunity pass without responding to Stephen Wyatt's letter in the Boston Target (7 March 2007).

For those who have forgotten, Stephen Wyatt stood against Cllr Richard Austin in the May elections on 6 May 2005 and achieved 264 votes compared to Richard's 1,481 votes.

His concern then was how Richard was elected on a "single issue" - a bypass for Boston. "What about all the other issues affecting the town?", he asked.

He now writes to the press concerned that as Richard is literally on the verge of making political history for Boston, that Richard cannot deliver on the "single issue", so is seeking to "prostitute the interests of the whole town" to send a message.

Boston Bypass Independents
The BBI will publicly launch their new political party on Weds 14 March 2007 at 7pm at the Haven High Technology College.

Richard Austin cannot challenge the decisions made by the Borough and County Councils alone. His honesty and integrity is unquestioned, as confirmed by Cllr William Webb at recent meetings, and I believe will not only do all he can to secure a bypass/distributor road/ring road (call it what you like) for Boston if his Party is elected, but has a broad range of experienced candidates to do better for Boston than is the case currently.

I would hope you can see exactly how much this could benefit our town, in more ways than one.

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
10 March 2007


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Richard Austin was elected to represent the Boston South division at Lincolnshire County Council in May 2005, achieving 1,481 votes. He beat Bob Cory (1,060 votes), Terry Taylor (850 votes) and Steve Wyatt (264 votes).
Cllr Richard Austin
"This big majority sends a very powerful message to the County Council that the people of Boston feel utterly neglected. They feel a Bypass should have been built years ago. The appalling tail backs and congestion affect everyone."
Richard Austin, May 2005