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Press Release - 11 Feb 2006

Robert Fisher writes to Elaine Turner, Client Services Manager, Lincolnshire County Council

Dear Elaine


Thank you for your recent responses to my letters to David Woods and Richard Wills – clearly I should have contacted you in the first place.

I would therefore like to state that neither of your responses has answered the questions posed and I do really want clarification.

1. My question to David Woods was, “Surely if the will to get Boston on the LTP2 was there in the first place, the timings of these meetings (Transport Study and Highways PDG) would have been very different?” In other words, why weren’t the meetings scheduled in the order required to get the supposedly desired result?

2. My question to Richard Wills was, “Please would you be so kind as to explain to me further the exact purpose of your statement made on 19 January 2006.” (We are doing the traffic study in Boston but have always known the results would come out after the LTP deadline). Is he just going through the motions to pacify the people of Boston?

I would like to also ask you personally to clarify a discrepancy between statements made by you at the Stakeholders Reference Group (SRG) meeting in September 2005 and in your email to me yesterday.

At the SRG meeting you stated that it would take “typically 10 years or more to get a major transport scheme”, yet in your email yesterday you stated that “a major scheme takes an average of 5-10 years between conception and delivery”.

I think the people of Boston would like to know which of the two is correct and allay their fears that the Council is not merely making these estimates up as they go along!

I look forward to receiving your clarification of these very important points.

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group
11 February 2006


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