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Press Release - 11 February 2007

Robert Fisher writes an Open Letter to Cllr Martin Hill, Leader Lincolnshire County Council

11 February 2007

Dear Cllr Hill

As you are aware, your Executive Group announced on 8 February 2007 that Lincolnshire County Council is leading the way on environmental good practice by introducing its own policy which covers all aspects of activities and business.

This I presume follows on from the recent publicity surrounding the Al Gore video about climate change.

Your press release states, “A big part of the action will be focused on reducing carbon emissions from buildings and vehicles and work has already been done in this area.”

I’m sure that you are also aware that the headline LTP8 indicator for the Haven Bridge AQMA (Air Quality Management Area) in Boston has therefore been set as reducing the levels of NO2 from 47.3 μg/m3 (2004 base) to below the national Objective of 40.0 μg/m3 by 2010. Similarly, for the Bargate Bridge AQMA, the target is to reduce the levels of NO2 from 43.3 μg/m3 (2004 base) to below the national Objective of 40.0 μg/m3 by 2010.

Given Lincolnshire County Council’s commitment to reducing pollution, and given the fact that your proposed road widening planned for the A16/A52 routes in these areas of Boston will have hardly any effect on traffic flows, surely this will mean more vehicles will be contained within these areas, which will result in an increase in pollution levels?

Please can you explain to us the justification of spending the so called £10 million (which seems to now be dwindling fast) on such planned works, when this will not aid traffic flows and we suggest will worsen pollution in Boston.

How exactly are you reducing pollution in these areas of high concern in Boston?

Having seen first hand over the last 2 years 2 months how you, your hand picked Executive Group and your Officers operate, I wish to make it publicly clear to you that this has now gone on long enough – decades of neglect of Boston.

As written by a fellow Bostonian in the local press this week, the tax payers/rate payers/council tax payers of Boston have, over the years, helped finance bypasses for nearly every other major community – and some small ones – in Lincolnshire. Isn’t it about time the rest of the county paid for one for Boston?

The fact is that the rest of the county feel Boston is deserving of a bypass (or major road/distributor road/ring road), in fact is a priority, but you, your hand picked Executive (including the elected representative for Spalding East and Moulton) and Officers at the County Council are determined to prevent this from progressing. I can’t imagine how the people of Spalding would feel knowing that one of their elected representatives puts the needs of other counties before Boston – a town in his own county of Lincolnshire. Why are you so dead set against helping Boston?

I do hope you start to listen soon. The lengths the Council has gone to is just incredible to me – I have witnessed “untruths” put to the Dock Link Road Inspector, the Scrutiny Management Committee, to us and the general public, to name just a few. Why?

Boston deserves better. Boston deserves honesty and integrity.

Perhaps you can enlighten me as to what your game plan really is?

Our letters have still not been responded to, so we have no alternative but to now go to the Standards Board, as suggested by the Local Government Ombudsman.

Rest assured, we are not going to stand by and let you run Boston down any more than has been done already.

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
11 February 2007


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