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Press Release - 11 June 2006

BBEG EXCLUSIVE: First Hint of Boston Transport Study Findings?

The Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG) can exclusively reveal that Cllr Neil Cooper, Chair of the Highways PDG at Lincolnshire County Council, has written an email to the BBEG, stating that, "It is unfair to criticise the council when in many ways their hands are tied and it is difficult to demonstrate the need to government when traffic surveys show much of the traffic is intending to terminate at Boston and not pass through! These are words that you probably do not wish to hear and you may feel the Council are not listening but I can assure you we are very aware of the issues and the public pressure."

The statement looks like being the first hint of what's to come from the results of the Transport Study, costing in the region of £400,000, which the BBEG has been trying to have an input to for some time now, but their suggestions, it seems, have fallen on deaf ears.

BBEG member Michael Borrill comments, "The main fact that bears on this is the 'post code and post card syndrome'. That is what they have used once again and they have not taken into account the simple fact that Boston has a problem with lack of river crossings."

Michael continues, "Cllr Cooper is stating the survey shows most traffic does not go through Boston. This is what I have been saying all along - the survey is not being done correctly. We have not seen the actual up to date figures but my assumption is that:

1. The data figures from the traffic count points will be correct;
2. It is the destination that the counter cannot predict;
3. The prediction is done by asking motorists where they are going by either a stop check or postcard. If the postcards are not returned they factor up on the ones that are returned;
4. HGV and commercial vehicles - we know that this was an incomplete picture from the start and if HGV companies do not reply, then the figures of through traffic are distorted."

BBEG member Robert Fisher adds, "The results of the Transport Study were supposed to have been released by now and a public consultation should have taken place by the end of May, as stated by Steve Willis on BBC Radio Lincolnshire (click here to hear the interviews). However our colleagues at Waddington, who were in the process of public consultation at the time of the BBC Radio Lincolnshire interviews, have not only been ignored, but Cllr William Webb, Portfolio Holder for Highways and LCC Exec member has decided on his own, the route that LCC will adopt for the Lincoln Southern bypass for further investigation, against the wishes of the public. Going through a public consultation exercise is pointless, if the public (and Councillors elected to represent them) are repeatedly ignored."

Robert continues, "Having seen what LCC did with the placement of 10 temporary speed humps recently in the town centre and having heard how they refuse point blank to even consider that there are just too many traffic lights in the town and do anything about it, I am not filled with confidence about the way they have collected data for the Transport Study, given also it's restrictions and limitations in terms of the area covered. Despite LCC's invitations to the BBEG publicly to support and help them, in reality this has not happened. We have requested on numerous occasions to be involved."

Cllr Cooper also stated that, "The PDG meetings develop policy and are not decision making. They make recommendations to the Executive Member For Highways. May I take this opportunity to inform you, that as Cllr Webb said, there is a political will to deliver a scheme for Boston. It is, however, a long and complex process. The problems are being compounded by the fact that the government have only allocated £71 million a year to the six counties in the east midlands region!"

The BBEG would like to point out that the Department for Transport cites congestion and pollution as a requirement for prioritising road schemes - Boston has both congestion and pollution. How does the Southern Bypass for Lincoln fit into that? It does not. It is for development only. The same criteria should be applied to the A1073 and also the route to the seaside.

The BBEG are already in the process of a Formal Complaint against LCC for progressing the A1073 above more urgent road infrastructures. You can see the latest progress with our Formal Complaint on our website by clicking here.

Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
11 June 2006


BBEG attend Highways PDG meeting at LCC
Michael Borrill and Robert Fisher attended the Highways PDG Meeting at Lincolnshire County Council on 15 May 2006, who as members of the public, were not able to comment or participate in the meeting themselves.

Cllr Richard Austin however asked questions, including, "Is Lincolnshire represented on the Regional East Midlands Assembly?"
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Flashback to Nov 2004: At the public meeting held by the Boston Target, Anne Dorrian, then Chair of the BBPG, stated four ways she believed the issue needed to be moved forward:

1. A comprehensive traffic analysis;

2. A proper consultation with local people

3. Full commitment from elected members who need to lobby extensively on behalf of the people they represent

4. A sustained and high profile campaign at the highest level to ensure that a bypass for Boston is included in the local transport plan and is prioritised by the County Council