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Press Release - 12 February 2007

Robert Fisher writes an Open Letter to Mark Simmonds MP

Dear Mr Simmonds

As you will be aware, I have just written an open letter to the Leader of Lincolnshire County Council about our concerns over Lincoln's treatment of Boston with regards to a lack of investment (and actual action) to do something for the town's road infrastructure, that is not a bit-part solution pulled together at the last minute - sticky tape to fix a leaking hosepipe. Two years and two months so far of our campaigning.

You will recall your House of Commons debate on 16 January 2003 about Pilgrim Hospital (see here), in which you commented: "I am ambitious for, and committed to, Pilgrim Hospital. I want it to be empowered and enabled to have greater autonomy and decision-making authority. ... The merger with Lincoln has brought not just financial problems but actual service provision deterioration on the ground."

As our elected MP, as I have stated in a previous letter to you, we are looking for some grit and determination to help put an end to the decades of decline that Lincolnshire County Council seem to be imposing on Boston. Why is Boston being treated in this way?

Pilgrim Hospital only has a daytime ambulance service, which adds to the roads overcrowding. The road from Liquorpond Street corner/John Adams Way to West Street mini roundabout, has now been reduced to a single lane (Westbound) with large (900/1000mm high) continuous "temporary" barriers, what will happen if an ambulance needs to travel along this section of road, in the day time, when HGV's could also be on this length of road?

It would be interesting to know if the SATURN traffic modelling software is able to take this eventuality into consideration.

We also believe that any trains leaving Boston Docks have to enter into Boston Station, therefore requiring the closing of railway gates at John Adams Way (Somerfields), Broadfield Lane, West Street and if the train is over a set length, the Grand Sluice railway crossing as well due to safety distances.

Is it not therefore the case that, if you live to the West of the railway line in Boston, you should not have a heart attack either in the daytime, or worse still when there is a train passing through Boston!

I thank you once again for agreeing to take our pressure groups' petition to Parliament, but I would suggest that I feel the biggest challenge you face personally, is tackling the decades of neglect of Boston by Lincolnshire County Council. Parliament, I would suggest by comparison, will follow on, once we all have managed to move this huge mountain that is getting, and has got in the way, for so long now.

I look forward to hearing back from you in the hope we can work together to do the best for Boston and Skegness.

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
12 February 2007


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