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Press Release - 12 Apr 2006

BBEG member Ted Brooks makes front page news of this week's Boston Standard
LATEST! This article also appeared in the Daily Express on Sat 15 April 2006

Roadworks jam up town and cause traffic chaos

Traffic flow through Boston's town centre slowed to a standstill on Monday (10 April 2006) as work on the Guildhall led to gridlock. Vehicles skidded and bounced as they tried to cross 10 temporary speed humps installed along a stretch of road approximately 25 yards long in South Street.

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) was eventually forced to close the road and divert traffic down Spain Lane.

Cropley's coach driver Ted Brooks said, "The situation was just stupid. Is LCC trying to close our town centre with all the obstacles they are putting in the way? Anyone could see the 10 humps were far too close together - I even saw damage being caused to vehicles as they banged back down onto the road. Vehicles were having to go really slow, holding traffic up in town and leading to queues as far as West Street and High Street. I would like to get some of the councillors on a bus and see how they react to riding over the speed humps."

Steady as you go. Vehicles attempt to get over the
10 speed humps in South Street on Monday 10 April.
Photo courtesy of the Boston Standard.

Mr Brooks, a member of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group, has been a coach driver for the past 40 years.

He said, "I have driven all over Europe and Boston is the worst place for traffic I have ever come across. I think Spain Lane should be open all the time for vehicles to go down."

Steve Willis, divisional highways manager for LCC, said, "We thought the humps would do the right job but it quickly became apparent we had put too many down. The intention was to slow traffic in that area, but we didn't anticipate the level of congestion. I would like to think we acted fairly quickly in reducing the number of humps in the road."

LCC cut the humps, which were intended to ensure motorists did not career into scaffolding work on the Guildhall, from 10 to five on Monday morning - and removed a further two on Tuesday.

LCC have to reduce the number of traffic humps to ease the traffic gridlock.
Photos courtesy of the Boston Standard.

Mr Willis said LCC had received a number of complaints from people about the congestion. He said, "We decided to install 10 humps after a site meeting. Works are planned until Christmas so it's important we get this right."

The resulting traffic chaos and the view from the Stump of Boston town centre on Monday 10 April.
Photos courtesy of the Boston Standard.

Some other problems on the road that day:

  • A pile-up in Sibsey led to the closure of the A16 for nearly seven hours;
  • A lane was closed on Boston's Sleaford Road for resurfacing work to take place;
  • Boston's Pilleys Lane was closed due to works which began on March 6.

Nathan Black
Boston Standard
12 April 2006


Observations of a Coach Driver
Ted Brooks states, "Lincolnshire is the worst county that I drive in and I have lived there all my life ... There is very little chance to overtake safely. Even some existing wider roads are being made single file by planting concrete kerbs and bollards in the middle of the road. Is that safer?"

"What Lincoln wants, Lincoln gets. What Boston needs, Lincoln forgets."
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