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Press Release - 12 December 2006

Robert Fisher writes to the Editor, Boston Target

I write in response to the letter from Cllr Fred Gilchrist in the Boston Target on 6 December 2006.

I'm pleased that Cllr Gilchrist is happy to 'give credit where credit is due' - we have said to Martin Hill several times if he delivers what the people of Boston want, we will be the first to give him credit. I am alarmed however to hear that Cllr Gilchrist is happy to simply accept that they 'all did their best to get Boston's bypass on the agenda'. The fact that Martin Hill's Executive Group have bombastically carried on as was originally intended (with a remarketing of the Southern Link Road effectively), means we are now back to square one. What exactly is Cllr Gilchrist wanting credit for? Let me say well done for trying anyway, as he obviously feels it is deserved.

The one issue that Cllr Gilchrist or indeed any Boston County or Borough Councillor does not want to discuss publicly is the fact that 'local agreement has not been reached' about a bypass within the Councils. This is the most probable cause of the lack of progress with a bypass for Boston. Publicly it is stated that all are in agreement that a bypass for Boston is needed - is this because of the overwhelming strength of feeling held for many years by the public? Behind the closed doors of the Councils though, it is a very different discussion that goes on, isn't it?

Why has Cllr Gilchrist not been lobbying Martin Hill to allow a councillor from Boston who actually supports a bypass for Boston to be a part of his Executive Group, as this is such an important issue? The answer - because 'local agreement has not been reached'.

Let's get Councillors elected who do actually agree that a bypass is the only acceptable solution. There have been more errors and delays at the Councils than there are on the roads of Boston - and that's saying something!

Boston deserves better.

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
12 December 2006


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David Woods , Jacobs Babtie/Lincolnshire County Council, 24 October 2005.
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