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Press Release - 12 December 2007

BBI Council renege on Election promises

Having witnessed the turning off of the lights at the Liquorpond Street roundabout, we would like to congratulate Cllrs. Austin and Jordan for the partial improvement in traffic flows at this junction. However we should point out that this was agreed by LCC in January 2007 following numerous discussions with the Bypass groups and the general public who had been pushing for this for some time.

It is noted however, that amongst all the self congratulations on the success of the traffic light turn off, in a press release issued by LCC it has been announced that the widening of the A52 and A16 is to go ahead. We are appalled that Cllrs. Austin and Jordan have yet again, without it would appear any discussion or agreement with their fellow Councillors or cabinet, reneged on the BBI election promise not to widen these roads; something which as Independent Councillors they had no authority to do.

In the BBI election literature referring to the Transport Strategy document and a video produced to support the BBI election campaign, Cllr. Austin is quoted in March as saying:

“If we had those roads widened, the Spalding road had got three lanes, and Liquorpond Street had got three lanes, as planned, at huge cost, if that was already in place now, it would not have made one little bit of difference to the tremendous problems we have got at the moment, so it will be a complete waste of public money and will cause years of further congestion and more than that, it will mean that a Bypass, a proper solution is deferred indefinitely.”

It has been proven that the turning off of the traffic lights and minor junction improvements will provide the maximum possible improvement to traffic flows that can be achieved. Any road widening scheme will deliver nothing unless the Sleaford road bottle neck can be resolved, which we all know is impossible, unless of course our Leaders are happy to demolish the properties at the lower end of Sleaford Road!! The only way forward is a Bypass/Distributor road delivered in the near future not in the distant future which is what Cllrs. Austin and Jordan seem to have agreed to. The money spent on widening these roads should be as they promised used on working up the first stage of the Bypass. The widening of Liquorpond  Street will just be an urban extension of John Adams Way and we all know what that road has done to Boston!

Councillor Austin has been a County Councillor for over two years and until recently sat on the Highways development Group at LCC. He has been privy to detailed information re. the Transport Strategy for Boston and fully conversant with all the proposals. In January 2007 he even “ called in “ (challenged ) the decision by the LCC executive  to implement the Boston Transport Strategy, a major feature of which was the road widening. He can hardly now claim that until he came into power he was unaware of all the facts.

So why has Cllr. Austin mislead the public on this issue? Some would argue that it was part of the infamous deal made in July with the Leader of the LCC, Cllr Martin Hill . We will leave that for the public to decide.
However various BBC documents refer to the road widening scheme and confirm that this betrayal has been on the cards since July.

What we observe is that this present council, contrary to their pre election assertions are once again tugging their forelocks to Lincoln. This attitude achieved nothing for past administrations so why would anyone believe it could achieve something this time. No wonder people are disillusioned with politics; when electoral candidates with false promises mislead the electorate into voting them into office and then once elected are prepared to arrogantly disregard the electorate by U–turning on the main principle of their election platform. This demonstrates complete disrespect for the electorate, particular from a party which promised us a new kind of open, honest, Independent politics. This foolhardy acceptance of Lincoln’s dictatorial decisions will bring 18 months of misery to Boston, impacting even further on the lives of our citizens and our already struggling economy.

We need a Council which exhibits some backbone by fighting now for a proper solution. That is what Boston needs and deserves, a Bypass.

Boston Bypass Pressure Groups
12 December 2007