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Press Release - 14 December 2006

BBEG write to Mark Simmonds MP

Dear Mr Simmonds

I wonder of you could clarify something for us please.

In December 2004 your own publication stated that you will do all you can to push for a bypass for Boston. You can see the said publication here:

Ever since that time, the word bypass has not crossed your lips. Why not?

In July 2005, the Joint Officer Group (JOG) Meeting Minutes at Lincolnshire County Council record that 'Richard Wills had not received any feedback from Mark Simmonds MP' regarding Boston's roads and we therefore asked under the Freedom of Information Act if this feedback was received, when it was received and what feedback was given. The reply we received from LCC on 24 November 2006 states that 'no further feedback has been received'.

On 30 March 2006, the proposed meeting with Boston Borough Members, the BBPG and yourself is documented in the Minutes of the JOG Meeting on 22 March 2006 that you cannot now attend. A final decision was made that there will be no meeting.

On 28 July 2006 you wrote to our group apologising for not being able to attend the public consultation in Boston on 19 July 2006 at our invitation due to other engagements. Yet at the end of that very same week, you were photographed celebrating the Burgh le Marsh bypass with residents there. Your letter as a reminder can be viewed here:

At our meeting on 29 September 2006, you were asked what you were doing to push for a road infrastructure solution. Apart from a general comment that you have regular discussion with County and Borough Councils re this issue and that you are in regular contact with Martin Hill, you simply said that you are trying to make sure things move forward. You also mentioned a visit to Westminster by Richard Wills.

On 23 November 2006, you were due to meet with the BBPG, but you had to cancel your attendance at this meeting.

Having now seen all the Joint Officer Group Meeting Minutes except one, which we have now requested again under the Freedom of Information Act, we regrettably can find nothing to actually document your support in pushing for a bypass for Boston, which obviously disappoints all of us dedicated to this cause.

Whilst we realise it's good publicity to show support for successful projects in the County, the people of Boston and Skegness really need some strong grit and determination to be shown from our MP to mean business here towards Lincolnshire County Council with regards to a solution to Boston's dire traffic situation.

We also realise that you have said several times now that something must be done to bring back the shoppers to Boston town centre - what do you suggest be done to get Boston thriving again?

I do hope you can apply your influence as our elected MP to get us a result for Boston. The BBEG and the BBPG met with David Woods and other Officers prior to the Public Consultation and asked the question beforehand if people wanted to just opt for a bypass and nothing else at the public consultation, would this data be accepted? His response was yes it would. Why did he tell us that beforehand and yet at the JOG meeting in October 2006, it clearly shows that LCC are only taking "complete" questionnaires forward? Does this not clearly demonstrate deliberate exclusion of the majority of the public's responses who want a bypass?

We do not accept this and are extremely concerned. We hope as our MP that you are too.

Yours sincerely

Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
14 December 2006


The BBEG have received a further letter from the Government Office for the East Midlands.
GOEM Letter
"...according to the County Council committee papers from the time, it would substantially weaken the case ... I can only advise you, therefore, to continue to pursue the issue directly with the County Council."
14 December 2006
Read the letter ...