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Press Release - 16 May 2006

Michael Borrill writes to the Editors of the local newspapers

It is with regret that our elected representatives in Boston are not able to see the pressure businesses large and small are being put through due to the lack of a decent road infrastructure for the town.

I asked a question about this recently and the reply given to me was that Boston is thriving. (Click here to see the full list of questions asked at the Full Council Meeting on 27 Feb 2006).

Regrettably this is not the case and I am at a loss to understand how we are to get this across to Boston Borough Council. The recent survey carried out by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) confirmed my thoughts, and the result of 97% citing the lack of a bypass as the major problem, is an issue which the Council must take on board sooner rather than later.

The Dock Link Road Inspector also remarked on the "local transport infrastructure being seen as a significant weakness in the continued economic growth of the town".

I know the answer to this will be, "We are awaiting the results of the Transport Study", but what if the answer comes out that, "There is not enough through traffic to warrant a bypass"?

This has been the excuse before, but if vehicles going from Kirton to Pilgrim Hospital are not classed as through traffic, then Boston Borough Council must contest the report. Boston is unique in that there is only one suitable bridge for through traffic.

It is realised that cash problems dictate how much can be spent on Lincolnshire's roads, but other means of funding should be looked at, and once the aspiration of a bypass for Boston is uppermost in the minds of our Councillors, both Borough and County, then I am sure a way forward could be seen.

Let us not forget that the problem in Boston is both congestion and pollution, both target priorities of Westminster, and not economic development, although for the local businesses it would be a tremendous relief. Nor would it be a "strategic road to the seaside"!

Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
16 May 2006


BBEG attend Highways PDG meeting at LCC
Michael Borrill and Robert Fisher attended the Highways PDG Meeting at Lincolnshire County Council on 15 May 2006, who as members of the public, were not able to comment or participate in the meeting themselves.

Cllr Richard Austin however asked questions, including, "Is Lincolnshire represented on the Regional East Midlands Assembly?"
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