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Press Release - 18 January 2007

BBEG reply to Mark Simmonds MP

Dear Mr Simmonds

We have been working on the assumption that our MP wanted a bypass – because you said so, just after the last Public Meeting in 2004.

Please don’t attack us for “personal ambition, political persuasion or economic interest” and say we all “need to work together for the best possible solution in the shortest timescale”. We are all unpaid volunteers, working tirelessly for this cause because we believe in it – we are not getting anything out of it.

We are not in any political party and in fact are using our own time and monies towards this cause. We do not expect to gain anything, other than hopefully a relief to the pollution and congestion in Boston that is set to continue for “15 years and beyond”.

Perhaps you can work with us and tell us what these private meetings and discussions have been about?

But I can tell you, Mr Simmonds, the people of Boston have had enough.

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
for and on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
18 January 2007

Public Meeting
Public Meeting
The BBPG & BBEG are to hold a Public Meeting
on Mon 29 Jan 2007 at 7pm at Haven High Technology College in Boston. More...