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Press Release - 18 July 2007

Statement by BBEG: The truth is at last coming out

With the announcement that Lincolnshire County Council and South Kesteven District Council are now very optimistic that Grantham is to get an East West bypass, the Leader of the County Council, Cllr Martin Hill says, it is something he has long campaigned for.

It is acknowledged that private developer funding will be utilised but it is a sad reflection on the Lincolnshire County Council when the Leader does not share the same enthusiasm for Boston when the need is far greater.

If Cllr Hill is now saying that they are looking at developer funding for Boston, it is about time. Funding has been on the cards for some years but was turned down, so we are led to believe, because the reciprocal development was utilising prime agricultural land. If this is now to be the case and Cllr Hill is enthusiastically now looking into this with his Boston Borough Council colleagues, then this can be very good news for Boston but we remain pessimistic when the truth is known about the Transport Study.

The truth is that Lincolnshire County Council have never given any impetus or thoughts of applying for funding for Boston and this has been proved to be correct by a review carried out on behalf of the Council by a retired Chief Executive of a local Council.

It has always been maintained by the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group that the SATURN model used in the recent Transport Study for Boston was not fit for purpose as it was not acceptable by Central Government criteria for major scheme funding applications. The BBEG had always assumed, as well as the public, that if a bypass was required, funding would be asked for.

If a funding case was to be made, another costly exercise using the correct model suitable to Central Government would be required.

The report by the retired Chief Executive states: "In the case of Boston, LCC does not intend using the model to apply for a major scheme business case and consequently the SATURN model was used as in the professional view of officers it was adequate for carried out transport studies."

As it would appear there was no intention to apply for Government funding, why was the public misled in the consultation process?

If what Cllr Hill is now proposing is correct, we applaud the decision and hope that it is not a knee jerk reaction to the anger felt in Boston that Grantham is to jump the queue. We hope that work is commenced as soon as possible on the line of the bypass and any proposed road widening in the Liquorpond area is cancelled and the monies saved used towards the bypass development.

Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
18 July 2007


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