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Press Release - 19 Apr 2006

Robert Fisher replies to the Boston Standard article on behalf of the BBEG


I write following your front page article featuring LCC’s placement of 10 temporary speed humps in South Street which brought Boston’s ongoing gridlock to a complete standstill on Monday 10 April 2006.

Mr Willis’ statement to the Boston Standard was that LCC ‘didn’t anticipate the level of congestion’. Presumably he must have thought all Boston's traffic was 'through traffic'?!

His response was to cut the number of humps from 10 to five - and then by a further two the following day - something he was easily able to do to rectify the severity of the situation.

I’d like to ask Mr Willis, through your publication, what he would do to rectify the resulting congestion if and when LCC install yet another set of permanent traffic lights approaching the Liquorpond Street roundabout on the A16 Spalding Road in Boston (where one end of the Dock Link Road (DLR) is proposed), should indeed LCC decide to go ahead with the DLR?

There will be no easily rectifiable solution to this particular ‘obstacle’ unfortunately.

Robert Fisher
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
19 April 2006


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