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Press Release - 19 November 2006

BBEG Statement:
Correspondence Updates - David Cameron's Office & Local Government Ombudsman

The Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group have had a very busy few weeks recently entering into correspondence with several government authorities and politicians. We would like to make the following public statement:

David Cameron's Office
On 13 November 2006, a reply to our letter to David Cameron MP was received by the BBEG from the Correspondence Secretary of David Cameron's Office, distancing David Cameron from Lincolnshire County Council. The email states, "County Councils are independent bodies and David Cameron has no say in their operation or running. The Councillors are democratically elected public servants and are subject to review by independent auditors and inspectors."

The BBEG replied as follows to this email twice and have yet to receive a response:

"We have asked for clarification of exactly which independent auditors and inspectors are being referred to here by Mr Cameron's Office.

We also have observed the democratic process to which you refer first hand over the last 2 years and have written to Mr David O’Connor, the Acting Monitoring Officer at LCC, asking him what action he will be taking before we take the matter up with the Standard’s Board."

Local Government Ombudsman
The Local Government Ombudsman's Investigator, in letters of 1 November and 16 November 2006, has now suddenly stated, three months into our formal complaint, that 'the issue lies outside of the Ombudsman's jurisdiction. That is because the Local Government Act 1974 says that the Ombudsman shall not investigate a complaint that concerns something that affects all or most of the inhabitants of the area of the council involved.'

Even though the Ombudsman's role is to 'investigate complaints of maladministration causing injustice' and they note our view that we have 'a personal injustice', they claim that, since the injustice is apparently shared by all or most of the inhabitants of Boston, they 'may not investigate such complaints'.

This response has come the day after Martin Hill had written to the Boston Standard claiming councils and other partners are determined to work together on a practical, achievable and timely solution to Boston's congestion, despite some negative comments from 'a very small number of people' (see right).

We continue to correspond with several other government authorities and politicians and will continue to push for an investigation to be carried out into how Lincolnshire County Council has treated Boston over the last few years with regards to the provision of a decent road infrastructure. We also look forward to receiving further information requested under the Freedom of Information Act from Lincolnshire County Council.

We would ask 'Who is actually auditing and inspecting the LCC Executive and Officers and thereby looking after the interests of the people in Boston?'

Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
19 November 2006

Boston Standard 15 Nov 2006