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Press Release - 20 June 2006

Formal Complaint to LCC - Stage 3 - Review by Chief Executive

Mr Tony McArdle
Chief Executive
Lincolnshire County Council
County Offices

20 June 2006

Dear Sir

Stage 3 – Review by Chief Executive
Complaint Reference No: 192822

We are now in receipt of the Council’s letter dated 8 June 2006 from Richard Wills, Director for Development, and write again to state that we are not satisfied with the response given by Mr Wills. (Click here to read the letter from Richard Wills dated 8 June 2006).

We state yet again that our formal complaint mentioned very clearly that Cllr Hill was in fact, we believe, Finance Chairman at the time (despite his recent comments in the May 2006 edition of County News) and after he became Leader, he proceeded to get elected a new executive from his own political party. We understand that the whole current cabinet were supporting Mr Speechley as Councillors when he was in power and they therefore, like other members of his party, must have been aware of his wishes.

Mr Wills’ letter does not address the fact that Cllr Hill proceeded to get elected a new executive from his own same political party at all.

We continue to be concerned that decisions are being made by members of the executive, even individual members on occasion, and that whatever councillors do to put forward the views of the public they represent, Lincolnshire County Council, it seems, continues to press ahead with its own “will”, political or otherwise.

We repeat, it is entirely the fault of Lincolnshire County Council that Boston is not listed in the 2nd Local Transport Plan as a priority. It is also entirely the fault of Lincolnshire County Council that all aspirational schemes, of which Boston is just one, have no work undertaken on them during the LTP2 period.

We repeat our call for an independent Inquiry into the decision made by Lincolnshire County Council that the A1073 is being put forward above that of more urgent road infrastructures. The democratic processes involved in making such a decision urgently require further investigation.

We look forward to receiving your response to this Formal Complaint Review.

Yours faithfully


For and on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)


BBEG attend Highways PDG meeting at LCC
Michael Borrill and Robert Fisher attended the Highways PDG Meeting at Lincolnshire County Council on 15 May 2006, who as members of the public, were not able to comment or participate in the meeting themselves.

Cllr Richard Austin however asked questions, including, "Is Lincolnshire represented on the Regional East Midlands Assembly?"
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