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Press Release - 22 May 2006

30 Year Plan for Lincoln

We write with regard to the 30 Year Plan for Lincoln, announced in the presence of Prince Charles recently. Our group would like to ask, “What about the rest of Lincolnshire? Surely Lincolnshire does not just refer to Lincoln?!”

What is the 30 year plan for the rest of Lincolnshire?

We would like to suggest a 30 year plan for Lincolnshire as follows:-

1. Motorway from Peterborough to the Humber Bridge.
2. Dual carriageway from Newark to Kings Lynn A17.
3. Dual carriageway from Grantham to Skegness A52.
4. Bypass for Boston.
5. Bypass for Grantham.
6. Bypass for Stamford.

Something to dream about! How many dreams can Lincolnshire County Council make come true? A copy of our suggested 30 Year Plan for Lincolnshire has been sent to Cllr Martin Hill!

If we were in Eire, Portugal or Poland these thoughts would be implemented.

Unfortunately all the UK cash is being funnelled into the EU and into these countries. We must be absolutely bonkers, or rather our politicians, for staying in that “club”.

Now following the announcement that some departments and A & E at night are to close there will be opportunities to get part time jobs (taxi drivers) taking people to Lincoln Hospital. There are not enough ambulances now and if these departments close at Boston … does not bear thinking about. It is pleasing however that Cllr Martin Hill is complaining about the suggestion.

Ted Brooks
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
22 May 2006


Observations of a Coach Driver
Ted Brooks states, "Lincolnshire is the worst county that I drive in and I have lived there all my life ... There is very little chance to overtake safely. Even some existing wider roads are being made single file by planting concrete kerbs and bollards in the middle of the road. Is that safer?"

"What Lincoln wants, Lincoln gets. What Boston needs, Lincoln forgets."
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