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Press Release - 22 July 2007

Open Letter to Cllr Martin Hill: Why did you not honour your promise to the public of Boston?

Dear Cllr Hill

On BBC Radio Lincolnshire on 18 July 2006, your radio interview addressing the public on the Rod Whiting breakfast show included the following transcript, as provided by Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) under the Freedom of Information Act:

Rod Whiting: And Dave has emailed me. He says: 'The bypass exhibition in Boston on Saturday, one of the officials there was asked why places like Partney and Burgh le Marsh were felt to be in need of bypasses but not Boston. The answer was that it was necessary to improve the quality of life for the residents for the summer holiday period. Well, since Boston suffers interference to its quality of life for 52 weeks of the year, isn't it now time to give us our bypass?'

Councillor Hill: Yes. We've discussed this before (.?.) Boston. I quite agree. Boston does need a bypass and again, we need to make the case because we're not masters of our own destiny in this. So yes, I'd agree with you. Yes we need a bypass.

Also, Network Rail have recently confirmed to us in writing that they 'are aware of the desire to build a bypass for Boston' as part of their discussions with LCC, and as such are pleased to co-operate in looking at the implications in so far as the effect on our infrastructure.

However, at the Full Council Meeting (AGM) on 18 May 2007 (listen again), where your audience was clearly the new Chairman of LCC and fellow Councillors, you stated that Boston was one of many market towns in the country, no different to any other and then proceeded to comment that Sleaford, which has a bypass, is just as congested. Of course, we realise that the new Chairman comes from Sleaford.

With the recent announcement that Grantham is now to have a whole bypass within 4-5 years, we would like to ask you these questions:

1. Why did you not honour your promise to the public and to Network Rail and emphasise to the Chairman of LCC at the Full Council Meeting & AGM your commitment of the need for a bypass for Boston, instead of telling him that Boston is no different to any other market town in the country?

2. Why did you 'behest' (the dictionary definition of behest is 'command') Quentin Davies MP to approach the Government in 2002/2003 about a Grantham bypass [see his recent article below] and not do the same for Boston through our MP Mark Simmonds?

The further subsequent promise to define a line on the map for the route of a distributor road for Boston in 2 years, emphasises the sort of urgency and priority that has been lacking for years and years, even before the Boston Bypass Independents were elected by the people of Boston.

We await the explanation with interest.

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
22 July 2007


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