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Press Release - 22 September 2007

BBEG writes to Quentin Davies MP: Delay tactics or Government guidelines?

House of Commons

22 September 2007

Dear Mr Davies

May I first congratulate you on the part you have played in the success of making an East-West bypass for Grantham a reality. Unfortunately, here in Boston, the chance of us obtaining such a road seems to recede every year.

In Boston we are suffering daily delays and the situation has been compounded over the last few years by the large influx of foreign workers. Most of these people seem to have their own transport and we are told that there could be well over 10,000 of these workers in the Borough. This would equate to almost a third increase in the population and almost certainly 25%.

Quentin Davies MP
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You will recall that a Transport Study was carried out for Lincolnshire County Council and following on from this the Council allocated £9.959m (which included a contribution from Boston Borough) towards a road widening scheme for part of two roads in the centre of the town. A further sum was later allocated to work on the line of a distributor road although it was not clear if funds would be taken from the original allocation.

Following the Lincolnshire County Council’s Executive decision to allocate funds for work on the line of a Distributor Road it was hoped that work would start as soon as possible and, indeed, this road is included in the work programme for the Highways PDG and an update is due to be given to that committee on the 1st October 2007. However, we are now told that three years consultation must be held before a line can be designated.

In Boston there has been over three years discussion on the feasibility of a bypass/distributor road and we feel that once again the Conservative led Council at Lincolnshire County Council are using delaying tactics more so since the electorate in Boston voted for a Council of Bypass Independent Councillors.

No mention of this three-year period has been made before and we would be most grateful if you could ask your Transport colleagues if this is correct. Obviously there would be several years of public consultation after the line is drawn on the map and we hope you can clarify this for us.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Yours sincerely

Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
22 September 2007


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