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Press Release - 23 February 2007

Cllr Martin Hill replies to the Open Letter from the BBEG and BBEG write back as follows

Dear Councillor Hill

It is of no surprise that having taken our complaint to the Standards Board we receive two emails in two days from Cllr Webb and yourself.

I am not going to respond to your obvious "spin" below, except to simply comment that these figures of £10 million, £8 million, £6 million are bantered about as if we should be grateful - the sad thing is that you have been neglecting Boston for so long, you actually believe the "spin" that comes out from the Council! The reality is you are actually taking funds that have been allocated for roads in Boston away from Boston. How many bridges has Lincoln had built over the last few decades? Seven is it? How many bypasses has Lincoln got to date and how many are planned?

You are proposing to widen the road to 3 lanes right outside people's houses, that a 50% increase in traffic sitting at traffic lights! Your supposed 30% journey times are actually from 45 minutes to 30 minutes to do 3 miles - that is improving the average speed from 4mph to 6mph to do the 3 miles across Boston! Wake up, Councillor Hill! Have you been to Boston recently? I suggest you come next week when there will be so many roads closed in Boston, you will be able to see for yourself the severity of these problems. Please take your head out of the sand.

Of course your self-appointed Executive and Officers toe the line - what would be the consequences of not doing so I wonder?

I will ask you to please clarify your statement: "...those who are putting the towns interest's first..." to us. We are all unpaid volunteers, working tirelessly to bring an end to the neglect of Boston by Lincolnshire County Council. A major road scheme for Boston should have been provided years ago. We are fighting to save the town from further economic decline.

Which independent auditors and inspectors, as stated by David Cameron's Office are ensuring that Lincolnshire County Council operate in a democratic way?

The buck stops with the Council to help Boston. Please start to listen to us. How many more public consultations do you need?

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
23 February 2007

Dear Mr Fisher

In response to some of your comments;

The proposed town centre improvements will improve traffic Journey times by an estimated 30% & thus reduce pollution.
It is illogical to simultaneously accuse the council of neglect & spending £6 million in Boston.
As you well know from your attendance at council meetings we are fully commited to the provision of a distributor/relief road & work has already started on that project.
The executive decision has been subject to full scrutiny & call in where it was overwhelmingly supported by other councillors apart from 2 due to the fact that the contrary arguments were comprehensively demolished.
The councils game plan is to improve the economic & traffic situation in Boston in partnership with the Borough & those who are putting the town's interest first.

Yours sincerely

Martin Hill
22 February 2007


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"...comprehensively demolished."
Cllr Hill
22 Feb 2007