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Press Release - 25 August 2006

Michael Borrill writes to Elaine Turner

Elaine Turner
Client Services Manager
Lincolnshire County Council
Technical Services Partnership
Witham Park House
Waterside South
Lincoln LN5 7JN

25 August 2006

Dear Elaine

In a letter to the BBEG on 3 August 2006 you stated about Boston that: "SATURN is recognised by the DfT as an appropriate technique for traffic modelling and scheme assessment and has been used for many years by consultants and local authorities as one of the "industry standard" modelling tools."

Yet in the Highways PDG Report for Lincoln Traffic Model for the meeting in September 2006 you state: "...even if the SATURN Model were to be updated, there would still remain the shortfalls and limitations discussed earlier in this report, which in the longer term, could weaken the County Council's ability to convince government of the need to bring forward transport improvements in the Lincoln area."

Does this not highlight that firstly our concerns about the validity of the Transport Strategy findings for Boston are justified and that secondly once again there is one rule for Lincoln and another for Boston?

We look forward to receiving your response to this email and also your reply to our previous letter/email dated 6 August that we await your reply to (in which we stated, "We look forward to receiving your response to our comments and a copy of the Contract between Lincolnshire County Council and Jacobs Babtie." Click here to read the letter... ).

Yours sincerely

Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
25 August 2006


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