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Press Release - 25 September 2007

The BBEG has written again to Cllr Martin Hill: Deal or no deal?

The Boston Bypass & Economic Growth (BBEG) pressure group, after almost 3 years of open and honest campaigning, sent the letter below to the Leader of Lincolnshire County Council on 23 September 2007.

This also follows the publication of Boston Borough Council's magazine "Boston Matters" and the comments therein regarding the road widening, which differ totally to what was said to the BBEG on our media video "Vox Popularis - Voice of the People", prior to the election of the BBI. Having campaigned tirelessly for 3 years, we cannot let this information go unnoticed and without questioning the reasons why.

Deal or no deal?


23 September 2007

Dear Cllr Hill

I write further to my letter dated 2nd September 2007 as we have not yet received a reply in answer to our further question about the Grantham bypass funding, unfortunately. It continues to be both unacceptable to us and of grave concern that you appear to be saying one thing publicly and yet, it seems, are saying and doing a different thing both privately and within the Council chambers?

We now need to ask you a further question concerning your remarks made at the Full Council Meeting (AGM) concerning Cllr Richard Austin's removal as a member on the Highways Policy Development Group (PDG) on the 18 May 2007 (listen again: at which you stated (01:46:15): "It really is not for me to tell them what they should be doing and think that principle I will have to stick to today. It puts us in a very difficult position as a majority group. We could use our voting muscle to decide what we wanted to do and probably in years bye gone probably leaders would have gone to see other leaders of the council and deals would have been done. But I am being very open about this. I'm not doing side deals with anybody about this..." "...don't think it appropriate in our new inclusive way of working, on matters such as this, we decide who should be on [the Highways PDG]."

Following our conversations with the Leader of Boston Borough Council, Cllr Richard Austin, it appears that no work is to be carried out on the line of a distributor road for 3 years?

We are also given to understand that a deal has been struck between yourself and Cllr Richard Austin to delay the implementation of a line of a distributor road for Boston?

To alleviate any doubt over the substance of the matter, can you please confirm or otherwise, as soon as possible, at the same time responding to our question about the Grantham bypass funding.

Kind regards.

Yours sincerely

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
23 September 2007


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