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Press Release - 26 Jan 2006

Mike Borrill writes to Richard Wills, Lincolnshire County Council
Dear Mr Wills
It is concerning that although the planning application for the above development was originally deferred by Boston Borough Council, this has now been given permission following advice from Lincolnshire County Council that a refusal would not stand up in an appeal situation.
The residents of Boston and indeed, the local population to be even more inconvenienced by this development are at a loss to understand the attitude of Lincolnshire County Council when it comes to road infrastructure in the Boston area. There may well be a Government legislation, which favours these developments, but the onus is on the relevant authority to make sure the roads are in place.
“Transport plays a key role in supporting regional and local prosperity, economic growth and enhancing quality of life.”
“Improving access to jobs and services, particularly for those most in need, in ways that are sustainable: improved public transport, reduced problems of congestion, pollution and safety.”
Not my words but the Department for Transport.
How do the ASDA development and the above fit into that?
Perhaps you would answer a few questions in regard to the West End Road Development.
1. It is stated that a Traffic Study was completed and that there was no problem with traffic re the development. Who made this statement?
2. What are the Government criteria that allow this development to go ahead?
3. What is LCC proposing to do about the increased congestion?
I would look forward to your comments.
Yours sincerely
Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group
26 January 2006


Observations of a Coach Driver
Ted Brooks states, "Lincolnshire is the worst county that I drive in and I have lived there all my life ... There is very little chance to overtake safely. Even some existing wider roads are being made single file by planting concrete kerbs and bollards in the middle of the road. Is that safer?"

"What Lincoln wants, Lincoln gets. What Boston needs, Lincoln forgets."
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