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Press Release - 26 June 2007

BBEG Statement - Response to BBC/LCC Press Release entitled Money for Roads

The BBEG would like to congratulate the Boston Bypass Independents (BBI) on their achievements so far since their election last month and recognise all the hard work put in and long hours spent at the Borough Council offices. We also commend their achievement in getting Lincolnshire County Council to allocate £50,000 of the £6 million + funding to look at defining a line of a distributor road for Boston.

We however are cautiously observing the response from Lincolnshire County Council in making this promise. Remember we have listened to statements made over the last 2 years by Cllr Martin Hill, for example those made at the Waddington Parish Public Meeting and on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, which have so far not proved to amount to any actual evidence of what was said being carried out.

Our concern remains that it appears that the road widening scheme, which the BBI reported in their manifesto would be blocked, is to continue, albeit we understand in part. The BBEG await a response from Network Rail about the safety and feasibility of widening the West Street level crossing. There is no mention either of reducing the number of traffic lights, but rather a "re-phasing", which was in LCC's original document. Too many traffic lights in Boston was the main issue highlighted by the public back in November 2004.

Whilst welcoming the progress so far and the apparent speed of wanting to get something done, we all need to ensure that we are not simply being offered the same thing, presented in a different way.

We remain cautiously optimistic.

Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
26 June 2007


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