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Press Release - 26 December 2006

Letter to the Editor, Boston Target - Robert Fisher replies again to Cllr Gilchrist

I write in response to the letter from Cllr Gilchrist in the Boston Target on 20 December 2006 entitled “Why dodge the question?”

I assure Cllr Gilchrist that no question was deliberately dodged – let me firstly remind him of why my letter was written:

On Weds 22 November, ‘all elected Members’ of Boston Borough Council wrote to the press claiming they had ensured the Transport Study is ‘as accurate a picture as possible’, which upon reading this ‘utter rubbish’, prompted me to write a response, saying as much. Their letter also stated that the highways authorities, in this case Lincolnshire County Council, make the decisions, of which Cllr Richard Austin is a member.

Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher.

As a result of this remark, I then wrote my response to this, printed 29 November 2006, in which I made a correction to the Members’ statement about who makes the decisions - that it is in fact Martin Hill’s Executive Group at Lincolnshire County Council that does so.

So, to your question: “Why did Cllr Austin say that the previous seven county councillors did nothing to try to get Boston a bypass?”

My answer: “I’m not certain why Cllr Gilchrist is writing again to ask me about something that he claims Cllr Richard Austin said. Why doesn’t he ask Cllr Austin directly? My own opinion is that what is clear is the fact that Martin Hill’s Executive Group and Officers at Lincolnshire County Council have got away with manipulation and control for many years and up until now, have been allowed to. Your seven county councillors obviously either accepted this fact or tried and failed to change it?

The fact is that the public elected Richard Austin to represent them in their constituency, which prevented Terry Taylor from re-election, who had previously been actively pushing the idiotic Southern Economic Corridor (SEC) idea for several years (both the Southern Link Road and Dock Link Road schemes via the Economic Development Committee and the Economic Development & Tourist Working Group from June 2001 to March 2005). Terry Taylor had, of course, been chosen by Martin Hill to become an Executive Group Member in March 2005. I wonder why? I say thank heavens the public voted for Cllr Richard Austin to help avoid another John Adams Way in the guise of the SEC from going ahead, despite Terry Taylor’s election leaflet in which he claimed that he would force the Council to drop the present plans for a SEC.”

I would ask why you seem to want to have a “good laugh” at the expense of all the hard work that is going into this cause. We all mean business, Cllr Gilchrist. It’s Martin Hill at Lincolnshire County Council that we need to challenge, altogether. Ian Marshall, Transport Policy Team, at the Government Office for the East Midlands confirmed as much as recently as 18 December 2006: “The decision on not pursuing a bypass would have been entirely a matter for the County Council at the time. I can only, therefore, advise you to continue to pursue your concerns directly with the County Council.”

I would therefore respectfully ask you to please quit your political jibes towards Richard Austin and help fight for the one major issue that has been ignored, manipulated and controlled by Lincolnshire County Council for far too long now – a bypass for Boston. Enough is enough is enough.

Boston deserves better.

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
26 December 2006

Public Meeting
Public Meeting
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