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Press Release - 27 Jan 2006

BBEG respond to Lincolnshire County Council's Press Release:
Boston Southern Link 'Simply Unaffordable'

The newly formed Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group ( feel that we now have been given an impetus to achieve an ideal long term solution for Boston - a road infrastructure that will allow the traffic to get round the town and thus allow future developments to expand Boston, once the road structure is in place. We look forward to hearing the results of the Transport Study later this year and to working with both Councils to find a realistic long term solution to Boston's dire traffic congestion problems.

Precious time and opportunity has been wasted, by allowing Lincolnshire County Council to debate and discuss for far too long, the idiot idea of the Southern Link Road.

We would like to ask the following five questions:

  • Given that the Dock's owner confirmed at the Dock Link Road Inquiry that the future of the Dock was not dependent on the Dock Link Road (DLR) being built, is the DLR still going ahead?
  • Why is the Southern Link Road suddenly now unaffordable?
  • £23 million was in place to cover the cost. £10 million of this was from Lincolnshire County Council. Is this money now going to part fund the Lincoln Eastern for which other means of funding now have to be found?
  • £4 million of this was from Boston Borough Council. What will happen to this?
  • How does Boston Borough Council look to any future road infrastructure?

Brian Rush, Michael Borrill & Robert Fisher
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group
27 January 2006

Observations of a Coach Driver
Ted Brooks states, "Lincolnshire is the worst county that I drive in and I have lived there all my life ... There is very little chance to overtake safely. Even some existing wider roads are being made single file by planting concrete kerbs and bollards in the middle of the road. Is that safer?"

"What Lincoln wants, Lincoln gets. What Boston needs, Lincoln forgets."
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