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Press Release - 28 Mar 2006

Robert Fisher replies to Martin Hill's letter of 22 March 2006 on behalf of the BBEG

Dear Councillor Hill

Thank you for taking the time to reply to our letter - it is very much appreciated.

I'd like to state clearly to you, here and now, that if you do actually listen to the people of Boston, and deliver what is actually wanted, I will personally make sure that full credit, where credit is due, is attributed to Lincolnshire County Council and yourself as Leader of the Council.

But, so far, as I stated on BBC Radio Lincolnshire the other week (click here to listen to the radio interviews), nothing has actually physically happened since the public meeting in November 2004. The traffic situation remains the same - gridlock. Yes, there has been a lot of talk, a lot of spin, a lot of moving of the goalposts, as well as a lot of missed opportunities. And then of course the Transport Study, the results of which we await with interest to find out exactly how much of our input has actually been listened to, given the restrictions and limitations of the study.

The majority of Boston folk do not want another John Adams Way in the guise of the Southern Economic Corridor, which includes both the Southern Link Road and the Dock Link Road. The Southern Link Road has for some time now been considered "dead in the water" by those in the know at LCC. Only this week, David Woods is claiming that the Dock Link Road could be used as part of an improvement to the road infrastructure. How can a road and bridge, the road being less than a mile long, which will mean more traffic lights at one end and the other end emerging onto Skirbeck Road, right outside Boston College, be an acceptable alternative to a bypass or distributor road? Our MP Mark Simmonds has stated quite clearly that a bit-part solution is not what we are looking for. Have you actually seen the unsuitability of Skirbeck Road and Mount Bridge for yourself? If, as LCC's own figures show, only 5% of the proposed DLR traffic is destined to go on the Dock, then by definition, 95% of the traffic will emerge onto Skirbeck Road!

The LCC Executive Decision which became effective on 15 February 2006 states that Boston is to be included in an aspirational list and that no work be undertaken on any aspirational schemes during the LTP2 period because they are "unlikely to be of such regional importance that they would gain regional backing for central government funding".

We understand that Boston may not be top of your agenda, but it is top of ours. Whilst the allocation of £8m for capital schemes in Boston is more than welcome, it's a drop in the ocean to what is actually required to resolve Boston's dire traffic situation. We have been telling you that Boston desperately needs a decent road infrastructure for some time now. What you're suggesting is surely the equivalent of another John Adams Way, rather than a proper solution?

We realise there is much work to do and continue to offer our group's support in finding a solution that is acceptable. My colleague Michael Borrill has already recently written to you suggesting our group meets with you at your earliest opportunity to discuss what can be done - I genuinely hope that you will listen to us and that your statement in welcoming our support is genuinely meant too.

Thank you once again.

Yours sincerely

Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
28 March 2006


Martin Hill's letter to the BBEG
"The County Council has listened to the people of Boston and abandoned the Southern Economy Corridor Route ... "

"You are incorrect to state that Boston Bypass is not mentioned in the second local transport plan ... there is much work to do and I welcome your support in doing that."
22 March 2006
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