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Press Release - 28 November 2006

Letter from all elected Members BBC, Boston Target/Boston Standard, 22 Nov 2006

It is with disbelief that I read the letter in the Boston Target/Boston Standard on 22 Nov 2006 from all elected Members of Boston Borough Council. I would simply like to make the following two points:

Their letter claims that Boston Borough has ensured the Transport Study is as accurate a picture as possible of the traffic problems the town is facing. What utter 'recycled' rubbish! I believe the Borough Council has allowed Martin Hill and his Executive Group to bombastically press ahead with his own prioritisation for the County. The Transport Study has been shown to be a 'catalogue of errors and delays' - are the Borough Council admitting now that this is their fault?! Don't forget that I attended the Stakeholder's Reference Group meetings - meetings which were controlled by LCC, rather than them opting for the usual public consultation at the beginning and end of the study that normally would occur. Why was this?

Robert Fisher, Chairman BBEG
Robert Fisher, Chairman of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG).

Their final paragraph states that decisions are taken by the highways authority in this case Lincolnshire County Council of which Cllr Richard Austin is a member. Let me correct that statement - decisions are taken by Martin Hill and his Executive Group, of which Cllr Richard Austin is not a member. One man on the Council representing Boston cannot be blamed for Martin Hill's Executive Group decisions. The people of Boston in Richard Austin's constituency elected Richard to the Council, but Hill chooses who sits on his Executive Group and thus who makes the decisions.

It's time for a change at the Borough Council. May 3rd is only but 6 months away. What's 6 months when we've been waiting years and years for a decent road infrastructure?

Robert Fisher
Chair, Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
28 November 2006

Cllr Martin Hill
Cllr Martin Hill
Did Cllr Hill instruct that all "incomplete"
public consultation forms filled in by the public be disregarded? More...

The BBEG have received a reply from the Government Office for the East Midlands.

"...the various studies undertaken by Lincolnshire County Council have concluded that a bypass for Boston would not be value for money and consequently the County Council has not made a bid for Government funding for such a scheme"
20 November 2006
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