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BBI Council renege on Election promises
"We need a Council which exhibits some backbone by fighting now for a proper solution. That is what Boston needs and deserves, a Bypass." More...
12 December 2007

Boston does not just want a BYPASS. Boston really NEEDS a BYPASS.
"Boston BYPASS should be at the top of any PRIORITY list for Lincolnshire. A new BRIDGE needs to be built over the River Witham between the Sluice Bridge and Langrick Bridge and then linked up to the existing roads in stages to form a BYPASS." More...
24 Oct 2007

Cllr Richard Austin and Cllr Peter Jordan, OBE, issue a personal response to recent press articles
"This is a personal response to recent press articles and should not necessarily be interpreted as the view of Boston Bypass Independents or Boston Borough Council."
Word documentDownload Word document...
28 September 2007

The BBEG has written again to Cllr Martin Hill: Deal or no deal?
"Following our conversations with the Leader of Boston Borough Council, Cllr Richard Austin, it appears that no work is to be carried out on the line of a distributor road for 3 years?" More...
25 September 2007

BBEG writes to Quentin Davies MP: Delay tactics or Government guidelines?
"...we feel that once again the Conservative led Council at Lincolnshire County Council are using delaying tactics more so since the electorate in Boston voted for a Council of Bypass Independent Councillors..." More...
22 September 2007

BBEG request information under the Freedom of Information Act: Council Tax
"Therefore over three quarters of my Council Tax goes to Lincolnshire County Council." More...
19 September 2007

BBEG write to Elaine Turner, Lincolnshire County Council
"We would be grateful if you would please explain why work has not yet started and when you anticipate that the line of a distributor road will be decided." More...
15 September 2007

Boston is in the national press again, this time in Private Eye magazine: Boston Stumped
"Campaigners in favour of a much-needed by-pass won 25 seats out of 32 in the borough council elections, seizing control of the Tory-dominated 'no overall control' chamber ... the ways of local government are not that difficult to pick up, after all..." Private Eye website...
11 September 2007

BBEG receive a reply from Cllr Martin Hill and write back immediately:
Are you now accusing the Grantham Journal of printing inaccurate reports?

"It is with utter disbelief and amazement that we read your reply. Are you now accusing the Grantham Journal of printing inaccurate reports?" More...
02 September 2007

Keith Peat, Lincolnshire Coordinator of the ABD: "Official Lies"
The BBEG has received an email from Keith Peat attaching his Official Objection to the A52 and also the LCC Statement of Reasons. Keith writes, "First officials reveal that they use speed limits to divert drivers and are criminalising them, not for road safety or even driving too fast but - wait for it - going along the wrong road." More...
28 August 2007

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) demands end of political speed limits
The Association of British Drivers (ABD) have just issued a Press Release demanding an end to "political speed limits", since Lincolnshire County Council is planning to reduce the speed limit on the A52 between Boston and Skegness.
ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries said: "It is barking mad to suggest that a speed limit on a major road should be reduced to 'discourage traffic' simply because lots of people use the road, such an opinion is symptomatic of the insane manner in which roads are viewed by councils these days."
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said: "All over the country we are seeing speed limits reduced to inappropriate levels for political reasons. Councillors respond to a handful of ill-informed residents, whilst the opinions of the hundreds or thousands of drivers who use the road every day are treated with contempt. It is time speed limit setting was taken away from councils, and put into the hands of a national body representing ALL road users."
They are asking all drivers to object against the whole traffic order, in writing,:
Heading: (A 52, Boston to Skegness)(Various Speed Limit Amendments) Order20.
Address: R A Wills
Director for Development
for attention of Lynne Brown
Traffic Orders Section
Lincolnshire County Council
4th Floor
City Hall
Objections must be in by 29th August 2007 (For their full press release, click here.)
23 August 2007

Open Letter to Cllr Martin Hill: Why did you not honour your promise to the public of Boston?
"Why did you not honour your promise to the public and to Network Rail and emphasise to the Chairman of LCC at the Full Council Meeting & AGM your commitment of the need for a bypass for Boston, instead of telling him that Boston is no different to any other market town in the country?" More...
22 July 2007

1 year ago to the day
It is now 1 year ago to the day since the Public Consultation held in Boston town centre on 15th and 19th July 2006 ... here we sit, still waiting for something to actually be done about Boston's traffic congestion. It makes interesting reading as a reminder of what was promised and how the questions were responded to. Note the comments about the use of the word BYPASS and the choice of the SATURN model.
Reminder of the Public Consultation in July 2006...
19 July 2007

Statement by BBEG: The truth is at last coming out
"If Cllr Hill is now saying that they are looking at developer funding for Boston, it is about time. Funding has been on the cards for some years but was turned down, so we are led to believe, because the reciprocal development was utilising prime agricultural land." More...
18 July 2007

BBEG Statement - Response to BBC/LCC Press Release entitled Money for Roads
"The BBEG would like to congratulate the Boston Bypass Independents (BBI) on their achievements so far since their election last month and recognise all the hard work put in and long hours spent at the Borough Council offices." More...
26 June 2007

BBEG make a new request for information under the Freedom of Information Act
"We would like to request a copy of the transcript of what was said exactly by Cllr Martin Hill on BBC Radio Lincolnshire in the morning of 18 July 2006 please." More...
22 June 2007

Michael Borrill comments on the Lincoln road closures
"Whilst we understand the frustrations that will be felt in Lincoln over the coming nine weeks ... it should be pointed out that Boston does not have the luxury of a bypass or the ability to move East to West via alternative and acceptable routes." More...
20 June 2007

BBEG receive a letter dated 21 May 2007 from Mark Simmonds MP
"I also have regular contact with my colleagues in the European Parliament, and recently travelled to Brussels and met with both Chris Heaton-Harris MEP and Roger Helmer MEP..." Read the letter...
25 May 2007

Network Rail have held a site visit with HRMI to discuss the Boston West Street Level Crossing
Robert Havercroft of Network Rail stated to the BBEG in an email on 21 May 2007 that, "I am aware that the site meeting with Mr Tilly from HMRI has now been held. That said, I have asked my colleague who attended the meeting to give me a summary of the situation. I (or a colleague) will contact you again in the near future."
24 May 2007

BBEG reply to Mark Simmonds MP
"We are delighted that you have taken the time to read the articles written..." Read the reply...
17 May 2007

BBEG receive a letter dated 15 May 2007 from Mark Simmonds MP
17 May 2007

Robert Fisher writes an article for publication in the "New Civil Engineer"
"The case for a major road scheme for Boston has been summarily dismissed without any serious investigation or economic consideration of ‘value for money’." Read the article...
14 May 2007

Statement by the BBEG: An apology
"We therefore have no choice but to meet the Council's request to apologise to those individuals concerned." More...
10 May 2007

BBEG receive a letter dated 04 May 2007 from Mark Simmonds MP
"You are absolutely correct in your analysis that the inadequate road infrastructure around Boston is hindering the town's development and is having a negative impact upon the performance of Boston as people are less willing to travel to Boston for shopping and other services." More...
09 May 2007

The Boston Bypass Independents (BBI) take over Boston Borough Council
25 seats out of 32 are gained by the BBI. More...
04 May 2007

Local Election Results - Boston - Thursday 03 May 2007
The BBEG will place a full list of results of the local elections in Boston on our website. More...
28 April 2007

BBEG receive letter dated 10 Apr 2007 from the Local Government Ombudsman
"Mrs Panton will consider your complaint on behalf of the Ombudsman and will contact you within the next four weeks." More...
12 April 2007

Press Release by the Boston Bypass Independents
The BBEG has been asked to include a press release by the BBI on our website. We are happy to help promote any individual or group that has shown itself to be committed to the cause of pushing for a major road scheme for Boston. Read the BBI's Press Release...
07 April 2007

BBEG write to Cllr Horace Battram
"Does Boston not matter to you anymore?" More...
06 April 2007

Ted Brooks writes to the Chief Executive of Lincolnshire County Council: An Apology
"In reply to your letter to our group of 04 April 2007, I can only apologise..." Read the letter...
06 April 2007

BBEG receive their very first letter from Tony McArdle, Chief Executive, LCC and reply immediately
Tony McArdle: "I would therefore ask you to confirm, by 10am on Tuesday 10th April, what steps you will take to publicise the fact that the Standards Board and the Independent Review have concluded that your allegations are not substantiated. In the event that I have not received such confirmation from you by that time I will make the arrangements that I believe to be necessary to protect the reputation of the Council and its officers."
BBEG: "We welcome any open and honest dialogue and discussion to resolve the desperate situation that Boston now finds itself in, and had this been forthcoming previously, the current situation would not have been reached. It is noted that our group was not contacted for any input at all ... we would therefore ask how this can be considered a comprehensive investigation when it appears to be one-sided?" Read both letters...
05 April 2007

BBEG receive a reply from Network Rail
"We are aware of the changes proposed by the Highway Authority ... and have a meeting arranged with Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate in late April to discuss these proposals." Read the letter...
29 March 2007

BBEG write further to Mark Simmonds MP
"It is most disturbing to learn that Entrepreneurial Activity in Boston is low and indeed, falling, yet in South Kesteven it is high and growing." More...
27 March 2007

BBEG receive a reply from 10 Downing Street
"Your letter has been forwarded to the Communities and Local Government Department." Read the letter...
22 March 2007

The BBEG have started their media video
First video clip is available to view online now! Be sure to check back regularly over the coming weeks. More...
14 March 2007

The BBEG write to the Prime Minister
"We therefore ask for your support in putting together a suitable inspection team with such authority to bring an end to the current situation at Lincolnshire County Council with regard to Boston." More...
13 March 2007

Robert Fisher writes to the Editor of the Boston Target in response to Stephen Wyatt
"Richard Austin cannot challenge the decisions made by the Borough and County Councils alone. His honesty and integrity is unquestioned, as confirmed by Cllr William Webb at recent meetings..." More...
10 March 2007

BBEG take second Formal Complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman
"Lincolnshire County Council, as we stated in our Formal Complaint letters to them, have repeatedly and deliberately avoided making a genuine case for Boston for a major road infrastructure." More...
26 February 2007

Cllr Martin Hill replies to the Open Letter from the BBEG and BBEG write back as follows
"I suggest you come next week when there will be so many roads closed in Boston, you will be able to see for yourself the severity of these problems. Please take your head out of the sand." More...
23 February 2007

BBEG write to the Standards Board, as suggested by the Local Government Ombudsman
"I write on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG) in connection with a complaint we wish to make about the following Councillors and Officers of Lincolnshire County Council, who we believe have broken the Code of Conduct by demonstrating the following behaviour during the last 2 years and 3 months of our campaigning for a major road infrastructure for our town of Boston in Lincolnshire." More...
21 February 2007

BBEG write to the Editors of the Boston Standard and the Boston Target
"Cllr Neil Cooper asks the question, "Would you want your county council to conduct yet another survey, costing between £300,000 and £400,000 of taxpayer's money, to possibly arrive at the same conclusion?" ... The fact is the first survey done was the waste of taxpayer's money. If the survey had been done correctly, it would have taken into account the ASDA and Sleaford Road problems." More...
14 February 2007

Robert Fisher writes an Open Letter to Mark Simmonds MP
"I thank you once again for agreeing to take our pressure groups' petition to Parliament, but I would suggest that I feel the biggest challenge you face personally, is tackling the decades of neglect of Boston by Lincolnshire County Council. Parliament, I would suggest by comparison, will follow on, once we all have managed to move this huge mountain that is getting, and has got in the way, for so long now." More...
12 February 2007

Robert Fisher writes an Open Letter to Cllr Martin Hill, Leader Lincolnshire County Council
"As you are aware, your Executive Group announced on 8 February 2007 that Lincolnshire County Council is leading the way on environmental good practice..." More...
11 February 2007

Robert Fisher speaks to the Information Commissioner's Office and writes as requested
09 February 2007

LCC Admit They Told Yet Another Untruth - The Missing Joint Officer Group Minutes Do Exist
Missing Minutes State "SATURN testing results show all the highway improvement options have hardly any effect on flows on the main A16/A52 roads"
07 February 2007

BBEG take Formal Complaint of Lincolnshire County Council to Stage 3
"When the safety and practicalities of this were questioned, the Officer stated that Lincoln had in fact got a railway crossing with 3 lanes. We believe this not to be the case (as shown by our photographs) and that the Scrutiny Management Committee were mislead - in fact have been lied to by Officers. ... We are therefore going to alert the Health & Safety Executive and the Office of Rail Regulation about our concerns. ... How is this conducive to promoting pedestrianisation? On the grounds of Health & Safety alone, we are extremely concerned about the direction the Officers of Lincolnshire County Council are taking with regard to the roads, and hence the economy of Boston." Read the full letter...
05 February 2007

BBEG write a further two letters to Lincolnshire County Council about the information requested under the Freedom of Information Act that has not yet been provided
30 January 2007

Public Meeting: The Boston Bypass Pressure Groups Receive Mandate from Public to Continue
29 January 2007

BBEG reply to Mark Simmonds MP
"We have been working on the assumption that our MP wanted a bypass – because you said so, just after the last Public Meeting in 2004." More...
18 January 2007

BBEG request further information/explanation from LCC under the Freedom of Information Act
"We have received correspondence from the Information Commissioner's Office suggesting that we don't appear to have exhausted 'any internal review procedure offered by the public authority' - Lincolnshire County Council." More...
12 January 2007

BBEG reply to David O'Connor, Acting Monitoring Officer, LCC
"We are purely interested in honest, detailed, democratic facts, not implications." More...
11 January 2007

BBEG write to David O'Connor, Acting Monitoring Officer, LCC, following Executive Group Meeting
"It was evident that this Executive Decision was made without hearing any recommendations from the Highways PDG meeting the day before, nor without any of the facts and detailed data upon which such an important decision for Boston should be made." More...
10 January 2007

BBEG write to David O'Connor, Acting Monitoring Officer, LCC, following Highways PDG Meeting
"...a political condemnation of a fellow Councillor to the Group immediately before they make their recommendations to the Executive Group..." More...
08 January 2007

BBPG & BBEG Joint Press Conference
"We have called this Press Conference in advance of the Highways Policy Development Group (PDG) Meeting to be held on 8 January and the Executive Decision that is due to be made the following day, on 9 January, by Martin Hill’s Executive Group at Lincolnshire County Council." More...
05 January 2007

BBEG write again to Cllr Cooper, Chair Highways PDG, Lincolnshire County Council
"Once again there are omissions from the comments made that we witnessed." More...
03 January 2007

BBEG write again to David O'Connor, Acting Monitoring Officer, LCC
"We would disagree and as a matter of urgency, request that the independent auditors and inspectors who are supposed to be monitoring the decisions made by Officers and the Executive Group of LCC call a halt to these proceedings with immediate effect." More...
02 January 2007

BBEG write to the Information Commissioners Office
"We urgently request the intervention of independent auditors and inspectors to bring this process to a halt until a full and open investigation has occurred." More...
26 December 2006

BBEG write for a second time to Lincolnshire County Council - Re: New Formal Complaint
"You have not specified to us what type of supposed 'distributor road' LCC are proposing for Boston, but given that any road you build will carry more than 500 vehicles a day, it would need to be a primary 'distributor road' at least, if you are to comply with your own regulations, wouldn't it? Any potential 'bypass' for Boston would greatly exceed this figure. We understand that the proposed and abandoned Southern Link Road for example, would not be a primary distributor road. LCC is clearly manipulating these factors in the way you want them to go. Boston deserves better." More...
26 December 2006

New Formal Complaint First Response from Lincolnshire County Council
26 December 2006

Letter to the Editor, Boston Target - Robert Fisher replies again to Cllr Gilchrist
"My own opinion is that what is clear is the fact that Martin Hill’s Executive Group and Officers at Lincolnshire County Council have got away with manipulation and control for many years and up until now, have been allowed to. Your seven county councillors obviously either accepted this fact or tried and failed to change it?" More...
26 December 2006

BBEG write to Mark Simmonds MP
"Whilst we realise it's good publicity to show support for successful projects in the County, the people of Boston and Skegness really need some strong grit and determination to be shown from our MP to mean business here towards Lincolnshire County Council with regards to a solution to Boston's dire traffic situation." More...
14 December 2006

BBEG reply to the Government Office for the East Midlands
"We fully intend to pursue the issue directly with Lincolnshire County Council." More...
14 December 2006

Enough is Enough is Enough - Public Meeting
The BBPG and the BBEG would like to announce a Public Meeting to be held on Monday 29 January 2007 at 7.00pm at the Haven High Technology College. More...
14 December 2006

Robert Fisher writes to the Editor, Boston Target
"The one issue that Cllr Gilchrist or indeed any Boston County or Borough Councillor does not want to discuss publicly is the fact that 'local agreement has not been reached' about a bypass within the Councils. This is the most probable cause of the lack of progress with a bypass for Boston." More...
12 December 2006

BBEG make a further Formal Complaint to Lincolnshire County Council
06 December 2006

Highways Policy Development Group (PDG) Meeting - 04 December 2006
The Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG) attended the Highways PDG Meeting today at LCC. Following the obvious push towards a distributor road by the Council, BBEG Chairman Robert Fisher was interviewed by local radio stations Lincs FM and BBC Radio Lincolnshire. More...
04 December 2006

BBPG, BBEG & BBI Candidate reply to Cllr Raymond Singleton-McGuire
"Our fellow Bostonians can clearly see what is happening here ... It is certainly not because the Borough Council is doing such a good job, is it?" More...
02 December 2006

Letter from all elected Members BBC, Boston Target/Boston Standard, 22 Nov 2006
Robert Fisher responds to the above letter: "What utter 'recycled' rubbish!" More...
28 November 2006

BBEG receive more information under the Freedom of Information Act and respond again -
The Information Commissioner has assigned a Case Number

BBEG write: "Does this not clearly demonstrate deliberate exclusion of the majority of the public's responses who want a bypass? We are becoming increasingly concerned as more and more of this saga unfolds. The Information Commissioner's Office wrote to us on the 15 November 2006 and have assigned a Case Reference Number ENQ0139466. We will be copying our further request for information below to them, raising our increasing concerns and requesting they look into this as a matter of urgency." More...
25 November 2006

BBEG make two Press Releases:
BBEG reply to the Government Office for the East Midlands
BBEG write to Martin Hill, Leader Lincolnshire County Council
22 November 2006

BBEG Statement:
Correspondence Updates - David Cameron's Office & Local Government Ombudsman

19 November 2006

BBEG write to Acting Monitoring Officer LCC, David O'Connor
"We look forward to hearing what action you will be taking before taking the matter up with the Standards Board."
03 November 2006

Stuart Andrew Motorhomes

BBEG make headline news on BBC Radio Lincolnshire's Breakfast Show:
"Boston deserves better ... a catalogue of errors and delays ..."

31 October 2006

BBEG write to David Cameron MP, copying John Prescott MP
"Have we a democracy or not?" Read the letter...
27 October 2006

BBEG write to Cllr John Rylatt, Conservative Member for Boston Borough Council (Kirton Ward)
Following the claim made this week by all elected Members of Boston Borough Council that, "all four parties are united in the need for a bypass", the BBEG have written to Cllr John Rylatt, in an attempt to make public the facts behind all the "sound bites". Read the letter...
20 October 2006

BBEG write to the Editor of the Boston Standard in reply to a previous letter from Cllr Tony Austin
"I would invite Cllr Tony Austin to contribute to the meeting we will hopefully have soon with the Local Government Ombudsman."
17 October 2006

BBEG reply to the Information Compliance Officer at Lincolnshire County Council
12 October 2006

Lincolnshire County Council is in breach of the Freedom of Information Act 2000
06 October 2006

Michael Borrill writes to the Editors of the Boston Standard and the Boston Target
"Come on Councillors at Boston Borough, get lobbying!"
"Come on County Councillors, get lobbying!"
03 October 2006

BBEG ask the local people of Bourne (Folkingham Rural) about Martin Hill's performance
(External link to The Bourne Forum)
01 October 2006

BBEG Meet with Mark Simmonds MP
"Local agreement has not been reached."
29 September 2006

Robert Fisher writes to the Editor of the Boston Target
26 September 2006

Michael Borrill replies to Cllr Martin Hill
24 September 2006

Martin Hill, Leader Lincolnshire County Council, replies to Michael Borrill (received 22 Sept 2006)
20 September 2006

Boston Matters Autumn 2006: Public state Bypass was their preferred solution
The magazine published by Boston Borough Council, Boston Matters, contains an article in the Autumn 2006 edition as follows:
'The transport study by Lincolnshire County Council has been taking place over the summer. A total of 6,800 leaflets were distributed over the consultation period and roughly 1,500 have been returned. That's a 22% response rate. A spokeswoman for the study said: "The main issue is to determine how the public feel about the transportation issues in and around Boston and how they can be tackled in the short, medium and long term. The initial review of responses would point to the majority of responses stating that the bypass was their preferred solution to the congestion in the town." The next step is to analyse in detail the responses received and prepare a report which will be published for adoption by both the county council and the borough council. It is hoped that there will be some short term solutions which will see works appearing on the ground within the next couple of years.'
19 September 2006

BBEG write to Maureen Chalmers, Member Support Officer at Boston Borough Council
Good Morning Maureen
You will know that Cllr Mary Wright asked me if I had received a reply from Cllr Hill re setting up a JAC for Boston and that Cllr Wright had also asked for a copy of any response to be sent to her.
It would appear that Cllr Hill is not going to reply.
The importance of a JAC for Boston cannot be over emphasised when one is in existence for Lincoln especially when high on the Agenda is the Lincoln bypasses and more so since the Chair of the committee is Cllr Webb. This does pose a question of a lack of impartiality when Cllr Webb is Portfolio holder for highways.
Would you please pass this message on to Cllr Wright and ask her to let me know what action she proposes to take on behalf of Boston Borough Council.
Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass and Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
13 September 2006

BBEG receives letter from Cllr Mary Wright and so write again to Cllr Martin Hill
It seems that Cllr Mary Wright (BBC) is simply waiting for Cllr Martin Hill (LCC) to respond to our suggestion of a Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) for Boston? Read her letter and the BBEG's further response...
08 September 2006

Cllr Richard Austin's Bypass Independents
BBEG are to maintain pressure on Martin Hill's Exec Group at LCC. More...
07 September 2006

Michael Borrill writes again to Cllr Mary Wright, Leader Boston Borough Council
06 September 2006

Michael Borrill replies to Elaine Turner
05 September 2006

Robert Fisher writes to Cllr William Webb
04 September 2006

Michael Borrill writes to the Editors of the Boston Standard and the Boston Target
03 September 2006

Elaine Turner replies to Michael Borrill
01 September 2006
Microsoft Word Document

Michael Borrill writes to Elaine Turner
"Does this not highlight that firstly our concerns about the validity of the Transport Strategy findings for Boston are justified and that secondly once again there is one rule for Lincoln and another for Boston?"
25 August 2006

BBEG receive a letter dated 28 July 2006 from Mark Simmonds MP
"If you had heard my radio interview on 15 July on BBC Radio Lincolnshire you will have heard me express my reservations about the report (transport infrastructure briefing) and the necessity for officials to answer the very pertinent questions."
10 August 2006

Robert Fisher replies to Elaine Turner after receiving her letter on 05 August 2006
06 August 2006

Elaine Turner, Lincolnshire County Council, replies to the BBEG's questions (received 05 August 2006)
03 August 2006

BBEG take Formal Complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman
03 August 2006

Michael Borrill has also written to Cllr Mary Wright on 30 July 2006
03 August 2006

BBEG member Ted Brooks writes to the Editor of the Boston Target
01 August 2006

Michael Borrill wrote to Martin Hill on 24 July 2006 - Cllr Hill's response is still awaited
31 July 2006

The BBEG present their interpretation of the definition of "through traffic" and their interpretation of the figures produced from the results of the Transport Strategy
24 July 2006

Cllr William Webb states:
"After today, I would be very foolish to return to LCC and do nothing for Boston. It is clear that Boston needs both a short term and long term solution."
BBEG then joked that if he did nothing, we'd bring a Rottweiler next time, not a Labrador!

15 July 2006

BBEG comment in Boston Target
"We keep coming up against a brick wall - all sides blame each other. Shout with one voice: Bypass!" More...
12 July 2006

The BBEG look forward to the full extent of the true picture being revealed
11 July 2006

BBEG write further: Formal Complaint to LCC - Stage 3 - Review by Chief Executive
07 July 2006

BBEG receive a letter from Mark Simmonds MP regarding the East Midlands Regional Assembly
06 July 2006

BBEG receive responses to questions raised by Cllr Richard Austin at the Highways PDG Meeting
06 July 2006

BBEG write to David Woods, Project Manager Lincolnshire County Council/Jacobs-Babtie
05 July 2006

BBEG enlist the help of "Tina" to try to get LCC to listen to voices of reason
04 July 2006

BBEG comment in the Boston Target about LCC's public consultation
28 June 2006

Waddington Parish Public Meeting
27 June 2006

Lincolnshire County Council - "Public Consultation"
The BBEG have today received information that Lincolnshire County Council propose to start their public consultation in July 2006. The statement received specifies that: "Public consultation of the Boston Transport Strategy will commence in July 2006. During this time over 5,000 survey questionnaires will be sent out with a consultation period ending 11th August 2006. Public events are also being held in a specially erected marquee in the Market Place on Saturday 15th July and Wednesday 19th July. In advance of the public consultation Members and Senior Officers of both the County Council and the Borough Council are invited to a briefing on Thursday 6th July."
22 June 2006

Formal Complaint to LCC - Stage 3 - Review by Chief Executive
20 June 2006

BBEG receive a letter dated 07 June 2006 from Mark Simmonds MP
14 June 2006

BBEG EXCLUSIVE: First Hint of Boston Transport Study Findings?
11 June 2006

Lincolnshire County Council reply to the BBEG's Formal Complaint Stage 2 Referral
08 June 2006

Omissions from Highways PDG Meeting Minutes, Lincolnshire County Council
08 June 2006

No response as yet to the Formal Complaint - Stage 2 - Referral
Robert Fisher, on behalf of the BBEG, writes again to Lincolnshire County Council:
"Dear Sirs
Further to our email and letter dated 23 May 2006, we are writing to state that we have not received any response to date, which according to your Complaints Process, we should have either received a further reply or would have been informed of the progress being made within 10 working days of our letter?
We still await your further response to our Formal Complaint Referral letter dated 23 May 2006.
Yours faithfully
For and on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)"
07 June 2006

Formal Complaint to LCC - Stage 2 - Referral
23 May 2006

BBEG members attend Highways PDG meeting at LCC
15 May 2006

Lincolnshire County Council reply to the BBEG's Formal Complaint
12 May 2006

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Survey
10 May 2006

BBEG make a Formal Complaint to Lincolnshire County Council
02 May 2006

BBEG member Ted Brooks makes front page news of this week's Boston Standard
LATEST! This article also appeared in the Daily Express on Sat 15 April 2006
12 April 2006

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) write to the Lincolnshire Echo - 08 April 2006
08 April 2006

Quentin Davies MP replies to the BBEG
29 March 2006

Robert Fisher replies to Martin Hill's letter of 22 March 2006 on behalf of the BBEG
28 March 2006

Martin Hill, Leader Lincolnshire County Council, replies to Robert Fisher
22 March 2006

Dock Link Road Bridge Scheme to go ahead
18 March 2006

The Ministry of Defence back Waddington Campaigners against Lincolnshire County Council
The Lincolnshire Echo reports claims by the Ministry of Defence that terrorists could breach security at RAF Waddington if the planned southern bypass route goes ahead. The MoD says it has "great concerns" about the proposed route, which has already been criticised by residents. It says the route, which goes through Waddington village, would leave the base open to a "more accurate hostile stand-off attack".
Lincolnshire County Council is currently considering possible routes for the bypass. It has identified two favoured routes, both of which go straight through the village. However, residents want the authority to look at an alternative option, which is known as 'Corridor Three'. This goes further to the east of the village.
Their campaign has now been backed by the MoD. See the Lincolnshire Echo article ...
16 March 2006

Cllr Richard Austin tells BBEG that he resigned last week from the BBPG to join fully in the debate
"Richard Austin comes under increasing pressure from LCC solicitors as he cannot fully join in the debate about Boston's traffic issues whilst being a member of a pressure group." More ...
15 March 2006

BCCI state car park usage up by 10.7% (9300 extra) on previous year
"Can our group (the BBEG) suggest that the reason there are more cars parking in town ... " More ...
15 March 2006

BBEG writes to Steve Lumb, Head of Planning at Boston Borough Council
"Surely Lincolnshire County Council should be asked to look at these major developments as a whole, on a match day?" More ...
02 March 2006

Brian Rush speaks on BBC Radio Lincolnshire
"Boston Borough Councillors must at every opportunity put more pressure on Lincolnshire County Council to deliver." More ...
02 March 2006

Robert Fisher writes to Cllr Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council
"Why do you refuse to ask the Government for funding for a bypass for Boston?" More ...
01 March 2006

Three members of the BBEG attend Boston Borough Full Council Meeting
Read the questions submitted in advance and also the supplementary questions asked: click here.
27 February 2006

Michael Borrill writes to Quentin Davies MP on behalf of the BBEG
Dear Mr Davies
I write on behalf of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group, to express our agreement with you on the shocking state of our road system in Lincolnshire. This has been brought fully into the spotlight by the recent horrific road traffic accident on the A52 and we would like to join you in expressing our sympathy to the bereaved families.
Your article in the Grantham Journal highlighted the A52, which, of course, passes through Boston and is totally unsuitable for the large HGV’s, many from the continent, which use this road. It was with dismay and disbelief that a recent interview on TV with a Government spokesman commented that Lincolnshire receives the correct amount of monies for road building per head of population. Travelling from Boston our nearest road of any worth is the A1 which is 30 miles away, and, indeed, the county is sadly lacking in dual carriageways and in fact a short length of this type was recently reduced to one lane in each direction.
It has been suggested to us that the whole of the A52 should be upgraded to take account of the increased traffic flows and in view of the lack of motor way or dual carriageway roads leading from the East of the County we feel in this area that we have been sadly let down by political decisions and bad planning for many years and deserve a better road structure. The economic growth of the area is being badly hit by the lack of investment, which I am sure you will agree. If the A52 was upgraded, that would take care of the bypasses for both Boston and Grantham.
Perhaps, Mr Davies, you would like to liaise with our MP for Boston and Skegness, Mark Simmonds, who is well aware of the dire traffic problems in the Boston area.
Councillor Paul Goodale at Lincolnshire County Council will be able to give you more details of the initiative he mentioned to my colleague, Robert Fisher, to improve the whole of the A52.
Please also visit our web site,, where you will see aerial photographic evidence of both how inadequate the roads are and how much congestion there actually is in Boston, together with an interesting article by Ted Brooks, a coach driver who travels all over Europe, who explains that Lincolnshire’s roads are the worst he’s seen.
One of our members – Robert Fisher – also works from both Boston and London, so if it would be beneficial to meet up at Westminster with both Mark Simmonds MP and yourself, this is something that our group would be more than happy to consider, providing you’re both agreeable.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Kind regards.
Yours sincerely
Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
22 February 2006

The BBEG write to Julia Ogden, the Editor of the Boston Standard
Dear Julia
We write following the Letters to the Editor in last week’s Boston Standard from both “Frustrated Bostonian” and Carol Brown, in an effort to ensure that your publication continues to have a balanced approach to reporting the news to the people of Boston.
We don’t understand why any contributor who feels the urgent need to comment on actions or suggestions made by others should hide behind a name alias. Is it in order to protect their employment, friendships, or are they just too shy to put their name to their letter?
Your “Frustrated Bostonian” is perfectly entitled to voice her/his opinion regarding any subject, but opinions should be matched with honest actions. If this person feels so strongly about our actions, we would say please don’t be coy – put your name to it. Or even better, why not join one of the action groups and find out for yourself what it’s all about. You’ve made some strong accusations about the website, but if you know the facts, you will see that the action was regrettable but necessary under the circumstances. All members of the BBPG at that time were informed by email about this and furthermore, our Member of Parliament, Councillors, the Federation of Small Businesses, and others, have accepted and acknowledged the existence of a second pressure group (the BBEG), and are supportive of us continuing. Feel free to email any of us, if you feel we are doing wrong.
You’re just one of thousands of frustrated Bostonians who have to endure the traffic every day of their lives. If Lincolnshire County Council needs 10 pressure groups to get them to listen to the voices of the people of Boston, then so be it!
Far from any ‘bickering’ or ‘petty arguments’, we applaud the BBPG for all that has been achieved, which we are proud to have also been a part of. But we now have two groups, with different styles, set on achieving a common aim.
We hope this goes someway to giving people the impetus to contribute ideas and support, in order to help our town stand up to the challenges it faces ahead. Our group is inviting more potential new members, with skills to offer, to join us and become a vibrant, active pressure group.
We would like to draw your readers’ attention to the aerial photographs that were taken for the BBEG to highlight the ongoing traffic congestion our town has to endure. These can be found on our website: click here.
Brian Rush, Mike Borrill & Robert Fisher
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
21 February 2006

Robert Fisher writes to Elaine Turner, Client Services Manager, Lincolnshire County Council
Dear Elaine
Thank you for your recent responses to my letters to David Woods and Richard Wills – clearly I should have contacted you in the first place.
I would therefore like to state that neither of your responses has answered the questions posed and I do really want clarification.
1. My question to David Woods was, “Surely if the will to get Boston on the LTP2 was there in the first place, the timings of these meetings (Transport Study and Highways PDG) would have been very different?” In other words, why weren’t the meetings scheduled in the order required to get the supposedly desired result?
2. My question to Richard Wills was, “Please would you be so kind as to explain to me further the exact purpose of your statement made on 19 January 2006.” (We are doing the traffic study in Boston but have always known the results would come out after the LTP deadline). Is he just going through the motions to pacify the people of Boston?
I would like to also ask you personally to clarify a discrepancy between statements made by you at the Stakeholders Reference Group (SRG) meeting in September 2005 and in your email to me yesterday.
At the SRG meeting you stated that it would take “typically 10 years or more to get a major transport scheme”, yet in your email yesterday you stated that “a major scheme takes an average of 5-10 years between conception and delivery”.
I think the people of Boston would like to know which of the two is correct and allay their fears that the Council is not merely making these estimates up as they go along!
I look forward to receiving your clarification of these very important points.
Yours sincerely
Robert Fisher
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group
11 February 2006

Elaine Turner replies to Robert Fisher's letter to Richard Wills
Richard Wills is out of the office today but has asked me to reply to you on his behalf, please therefore find attached my response:
In response to Mr Fisher's email to Richard Wills of 9th February 2005 and the two statements he includes from Mr Wills and Mr Woods, both statements are in fact correct.
The Boston Transport Study was programmed to take approximately 12 months and the briefing document was put together in May 2005. We are therefore currently anticipating the results of the study in early summer of after the publication date of the LTP document, as was always envisaged.
However the Boston Transport Study and the identification of packages of work to improve transportation in Boston in both the short and long term is recognised within the emerging LTP document. Some funding has already been identified within the next 5 year (LTP2) period for highway improvements in the town the details of which will be identified as a result of the study.
Any major infrastructure works identified by the study would have to go through a bidding process for funding and this would involve the submission of a Major Scheme Business Case (MSBC) to central government. A MSBC can be submitted at any time and is independent of the publication date of the Local Transport Plan (end of March 2006). However it is unlikely that, even if a major scheme (greater than £5 million) were to be identified as a result of the Transport Study, that it would be delivered within the next 5 years since the funding allocations for major schemes in the East Midlands Region have been determined by the Regional Assembly for approval by the Secretary of State for Transport. For Lincolnshire, for construction between 2006 –11, the A1073 improvements and Burgh le Marsh by pass have been prioritised.
In addition it is worth noting that a major scheme takes an average of 5-10 years between conception and delivery because of the complex legal and statutory procedures that have to be implemented.
Elaine Turner
Client Services Manager, Lincolnshire County Council
10 February 2006

Robert Fisher writes to Richard Wills,
Director of Highways and Planning, Lincolnshire County Council
Dear Mr Wills
I am writing to ask for clarification please of the statement that you made on 19 January 2006. On this occasion, you stated, “We are doing the traffic study in Boston but have always known the results would come out after the LTP deadline.” As far as I can see, the only reason you would make such a statement, would be to offer a possible excuse for Boston to not be included in the Local Transport Plan?
I would therefore like to inform you that when I attended the Stakeholders Reference Group meeting organised by Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) last year, it was stated there that the results of the Transport Study would not be available until May 2006, which resulted in my asking David Woods at LCC whether this would mean Boston missing the LTP2 deadline.
David emailed me, Mike Borrill, Christine Basu and Neil McGregor on 24 October 2005, stating, “To reassure you and your colleagues, the Transport Study is progressing well and is programmed to feed into the LTP and to provide data to review a series of transport options.”
Please would you be so kind as to explain to me further the exact purpose of your statement made on 19 January 2006.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours sincerely
Robert Fisher
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group
09 February 2006

Brian Rush, Mike Borrill and Robert Fisher meet with the Federation of Small Businesses
Three members of the Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG) met with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) on Weds 08 Feb 2006, to update them as to progress since Robert Fisher's last presentation given at their AGM last year in September 2005.

Robert explained his reasons for having no option but to take down the BBPG website, which was a hard decision to make but considered necessary under the circumstances. He then went on to elaborate on some of the activities of the newly formed BBEG that are ongoing at this point in time, together with examples of correspondences received from members of the public, councillors and our Member of Parliament, all urging us to continue to be involved.

Brian Rush and Mike Borrill both expanded on the ideal of involvement of a member(s) of the FSB to help with pushing for Boston's future and economic growth, particularly from the Transport sector, and Mike Borrill explained his input and findings from the Transport Study meeting he attended at the end of 2005.
Rod Handford confirmed that the FSB would be more than happy to provide the BBEG with a mandate to acknowledge the formation and existence of the BBEG, and offer support as and when required to help achieve a solution to Boston's dire traffic congestion. Rod Handford also agreed to share information and represent both the FSB and the BBEG at the Stakeholders Reference Group meetings, organised by Lincolnshire County Council.
Copies of letters written by the FSB to Boston Borough Council, Lincolnshire County Council and the Government were reviewed and discussed. Ongoing communications between our groups are set to continue.
With thanks to Rod Handford and the FSB for their invitation and hospitality this evening.
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
08 February 2006

“The Traffic Lights Are Here To Stay” (Target Comment Response – Weds 01 Feb 2006)
I write in response to the Target’s comment in the Boston Target on 01 Feb 2006, entitled “A right council Carry On”.
You are spot on with your observations. The people of Boston have been screaming ‘we don’t want it!’ and the Councils, Lincolnshire County Council especially, have been saying ‘we know best’, pressing ahead with this idiot idea of the Southern Link Road.
So, it seems that the Southern Link Road is not to proceed, all of a sudden. A Boston bypass is not to be included in the Local Transport Plan either, as Richard Wills confirmed on 19 January 2006, saying, "Realistically, I have always said I do not believe it is possible to construct a Boston bypass within the next five years because of the statutory processes involved – however the BBPG do not necessarily agree. We are doing the traffic study in Boston but have always known the results would come out after the LTP deadline."
Having attended the infamous meeting with both Council Leaders and relevant Council officials in September 2005, I put to them another major concern of the people of Boston – the number of traffic lights in the town. What do you think was the response? You’ve guessed it – ‘we know best’ – in fact they even went further, saying that they had ‘much experience’ and ‘the traffic lights are here to stay’.
So, to reiterate, the bypass will not now go ahead. Therefore other traffic improvement measures will need to take place in order to release the gridlock that Boston has had to experience for years, and is still experiencing. Given that the Councils refuse to listen to the voices of reason – fellow Bostonians who have to sit in traffic every day of their lives – what exactly are they going to do to resolve the traffic situation?
At the public meeting held by the Boston Target in November 2004, Anne Dorrian, then Chair of the BBPG, stated four ways she believed the issue needed to be moved forward:

  • A comprehensive traffic analysis;
  • A proper consultation with local people;
  • Full commitment from elected members who need to lobby extensively on behalf of the people they represent;
  • A sustained and high profile campaign at the highest level to ensure that a bypass for Boston is included in the local transport plan and is prioritised by the County Council.

What a shame that Lincolnshire County Council are using the excuse of a lack of funds, when the true reason will no doubt be seen within a short time. It is already evident that Lincolnshire County Council does not listen to public opinion, as they have been suggesting. Further evidence can be seen in a recent MORI poll taken in September 2005, as detailed on the website (see here), which showed that roads are top priority for LCC, with the need for a Boston bypass top of the Priory 1 list (23%). LCC it seems did not like this, and instead sought the opinion through their own poll, in their own publication. There’s no mention of Boston in the latest edition of their “County News”.
“We know you’re listening, Councillor Hill, but who are you listening to?”
Watch out for news that other funding has been made available to pay for the Lincoln Eastern Bypass.
Robert Fisher
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group (BBEG)
07 February 2006

Mike Borrill receives a reply to his email to Mr Wills sent 26 Jan 2006
Dear Mr Borrill
Thank you for your letter of 26 January regarding the recent planning application at the above site.
The Planning Application for the Residential Development at Wyberton West Road was supported by a Transport Assessment within which were capacity assessments for sensitive junctions within the vicinity of the site. The most sensitive junctions being Park Road and Lindley Drive with London Road. The unit measurement when testing Capacity is RFC - Ratio of Flow to Capacity and the intervention threshold - the point at which the junction is considered to require some form of improvement is 85%. The Park Road/London Road junction would have an RFC of 24% with addition of the traffic from the proposed development. Under these circumstances it is highly unlikely that the Planning or Highway Authority would be able to defend a decision to refuse Planning Consent at the inevitable Planning Appeal Enquiry.
With respect to any additional congestion the transport assessment for this site indicates it is limited. The wider transport Study currently being carried out by ourselves in Boston will include both current and proposed developments in its assessments. The transport choices that will come out of the study will therefore be based on the most up to date information.
I trust the above answers your queries.
Yours sincerely
Steve Willis
Divisional Highways Manager
Boston and South Holland Division
06 February 2006

BBEG respond to Lincolnshire County Council's Press Release:
Boston Southern Link 'Simply Unaffordable'
The newly formed Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group ( feel that we now have been given an impetus to achieve an ideal long term solution for Boston - a road infrastructure that will allow the traffic to get round the town and thus allow future developments to expand Boston, once the road structure is in place. We look forward to hearing the results of the Transport Study later this year and to working with both Councils to find a realistic long term solution to Boston's dire traffic congestion problems.
Precious time and opportunity has been wasted, by allowing Lincolnshire County Council to debate and discuss for far too long, the idiot idea of the Southern Link Road.

We would like to ask the following five questions:

  • Given that the Dock's owner confirmed at the Dock Link Road Inquiry that the future of the Dock was not dependent on the Dock Link Road (DLR) being built, is the DLR still going ahead?
  • Why is the Southern Link Road suddenly now unaffordable?
  • £23 million was in place to cover the cost. £10 million of this was from Lincolnshire County Council. Is this money now going to part fund the Lincoln Eastern for which other means of funding now have to be found?
  • £4 million of this was from Boston Borough Council. What will happen to this?
  • How does Boston Borough Council look to any future road infrastructure?

Brian Rush, Michael Borrill & Robert Fisher
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group
27 January 2006

Mike Borrill writes to Richard Wills, Lincolnshire County Council
Dear Mr Wills
It is concerning that although the planning application for the above development was originally deferred by Boston Borough Council, this has now been given permission following advice from Lincolnshire County Council that a refusal would not stand up in an appeal situation.
The residents of Boston and indeed, the local population to be even more inconvenienced by this development are at a loss to understand the attitude of Lincolnshire County Council when it comes to road infrastructure in the Boston area. There may well be a Government legislation, which favours these developments, but the onus is on the relevant authority to make sure the roads are in place.
“Transport plays a key role in supporting regional and local prosperity, economic growth and enhancing quality of life.”
“Improving access to jobs and services, particularly for those most in need, in ways that are sustainable: improved public transport, reduced problems of congestion, pollution and safety.”
Not my words but the Department for Transport.
How do the ASDA development and the above fit into that?
Perhaps you would answer a few questions in regard to the West End Road Development.
1. It is stated that a Traffic Study was completed and that there was no problem with traffic re the development. Who made this statement?
2. What are the Government criteria that allow this development to go ahead?
3. What is LCC proposing to do about the increased congestion?
I would look forward to your comments.
Yours sincerely
Michael Borrill
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group
26 January 2006

Elaine Turner replies to Robert Fisher in response to Robert's email to David Woods
Further to your e mail to David Woods re the Boston Transport Study, I have been asked by Highways PDG to keep them informed of progress on the Boston Transport Study which I will be doing probably at the March PDG although as you rightly say this has currently been put as an agenda item for April. This will however only be an update on the Boston Transport study and as such is not the main document that would directly inform the LTP2 prioritisations. The study as you know will not be completed until after the LTP2 document is issued.
However the paper that will relate to the planned status of all the schemes within the LTP2 document is currently planned to go to Executive on 7th February. This paper will request Members to endorse the mechanism for recognising the status of major schemes within the county and by grouping them into different stages of development provide a basis for taking them forward to a realistic timescale of delivery.
The potential outcomes of the Boston Transport study (which are currently unknown) are captured within this document.
I hope that this clarifies the situation.
Elaine Turner
Client Services Manager
Lincolnshire County Council
26 January 2006

Robert Fisher Writes to Cllr Alan Day, Boston Borough and Lincolnshire County Council
Dear Cllr Day
When I attended the Boston Borough Council Full Meeting on 20 December 2004, the only thing I heard you say was to stand up and discredit a fellow Councillor, who was a Labour Councillor.
When I telephoned you on 21 December 2005, you suggested I telephone another Labour Councillor at Lincolnshire County Council to ask why he had accepted John Adams Way, rather than a longer term solution for Boston.
You also blamed the previous generation of Councillors for not doing enough for a road scheme for Boston, my father included.
I would like to ask what you have personally done to contribute to a solution to the dire situation that Boston finds itself in (without blaming anyone else from whatever party they may belong to), as I personally have concerns about someone like you saying what they are saying (blaming others) and doing nothing yourself.
Thanking you in anticipation and I look forward to hearing back from you.
Yours sincerely
Boston Bypass & Economic Growth Pressure Group
25 January 2006

Boston Target Article - 25 Jan 2006
Following the article that appeared in the above edition of the Boston Target, which states that Brian Rush, Mike Borrill and Robert Fisher have all resigned from the BBPG, we would like to clarify that Christine Basu's claim that we resigned for personal reasons is untrue.

Boston Target 25 January 2006 - Top three quit town bypass protest group
Boston Target 25 January 2006

Our new group has been formed to put real pressure onto Lincolnshire County Council, as the three of us have been held back from putting any sort of pressure on the Councils since the meeting at West Street in September 2005.
As Brian Rush's resignation states, "We used to bang our drum loudly ... we outed those councillors that were doing nothing for the traffic chaos ... I do believe we must come up with original, maybe even controversial actions that will put the bypass firmly back on the media and the minds of people in Boston."
Robert Fisher, having spoken to Mike Borrill, his fellow Vice Chair, replied to Brian's resignation in Christine Basu's absence in September, stating, "Rest assured that whilst we are "working with the Councils", this has given us the opportunity to put pressure on them internally, which, if this does not prove to be effective enough over the coming weeks, will result in us banging the drum louder than ever before." Unfortunately, we were prevented from doing so and had no alternative but to resign ourselves and form a group that will be able to apply real pressure as and when required.

If any other members of the public in Boston or the surrounding area, including Skegness, feel strongly that something must be done about Boston's dire traffic situation and would like to join a group determined to do something about it, we would love to hear from you. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] if interested.
Brian Rush, Mike Borrill & Robert Fisher
25 January 2006

Robert Fisher Emails David Woods
Dear David
Please find below a copy of the email from Mark Simmonds MP, requesting I keep him informed of developments with my involvement with the Stakeholder's Reference Group held by Lincolnshire County Council.
Can I ask the question as to why the Highways PDG is not to discuss the Boston Transport Study until April 3rd 2006, when the deadline for the Local Transport Plan 2 (LTP2) is March 2006?
Surely if the will to get Boston on the LTP2 was there in the first place, the timings of these meetings would have been very different?
Yours sincerely
Dear Mr Fisher
Thank you for your email. I am sorry to learn of this situation, however I hope you will continue to keep me updated with your involvement with the Stakeholder's Reference Group.
Yours sincerely
Mark Simmonds MP
Boston and Skegness

24 January 2006

Mike Borrill Speaks Out
"If the Transport Study recommends a bypass it will ultimately be the Lincolnshire County Councillors who make that decision but the Borough Councillors will also have to get involved and push with all their might to change the stance of LCC."
30 October 2005

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Write to Transport Secretary
"Lincolnshire County Council appear to be entrenched in their view that Boston shall not have a by-pass ... "
Read the letter ...
27 October 2005

Robert Fisher attends Stakeholders Reference Group on 6 Sept
Robert comments, "The meeting was a combination of a few presentations followed by discussion groups identifying firstly problems/issues/causes and secondly suggested options to be considered. These I found to be very general and in terms of the information we have already been given by the councils, nothing new was really stated by them. A few interesting suggestions did come from the workgroups though. David Woods referred to the BBPG's aggressive campaign that brought this all to the public's attention. Keith Barber stated the railway is to re-franchised soon - Central Trains finish shortly, so a new operator will be in the picture in the future. Elaine Turner stated in her presentation "typically 10 years or more to get a major transport scheme". The results of all of this would not be available until in May 2006. I questioned David Woods after the first few presentations about the Hubbert's Bridge rat run, that is used consistently, HGV's use this heavily too and whether the counter/camera which was agreed would be looked at for inclusion following our meeting with them during the DLR Inquiry. Response is awaited."
Robert Fisher
15 September 2005

Mark Simmonds MP
"Congestion in Boston is so bad, that a comprehensive solution, not a bit part solution, is required."
Mark Simmonds MP
21 July 2005

It's an affront to democracy (Boston Target, June 15, 2005)
To the Editor, Boston Target
Dear Glyn
I write following your article in the Target this week. You are absolutely right in what you say - "many decisions affecting the lives of ordinary Boston people are taken in private by the chosen few."
Having witnessed the Boston Borough Full Council Meeting on 10 December 2004 at which the Boston Bypass Pressure Group (BBPG) were supposed to be able to ask questions to the Leader of the Council, the group were told upon their arrival at the meeting that the Leader had a prior engagement (a show in Edinburgh?) and the answers to our questions, which of course had to be submitted beforehand, were supplied in writing instead. This meant the BBPG members were not able to ask their follow up questions directly to the Leader, but had to address them to the Council in general and were told to wait for the answers to be supplied in writing later. They never were.
Councillor Powell made it clear at that meeting that as far as he was concerned the Dock Link Road was going to press ahead and all the Councillors who spoke against the Southern Economic Corridor and Dock Link Road schemes were basically ignored.
The BBPG have just recently contacted the Local Government Ombudsman following the overwhelming public objection to both these road schemes and I can confirm that the Assistant Ombudsman visited Boston on 1st June 2005 to talk with members of the public affected by these roads and also with members of the BBPG.
Democracy is such an important value in our society as is the ability to visualise what can be achieved when people work together and communicate effectively. The Council it seems are still in denial of the fact that anything is wrong at all, claiming to actually be proud of themselves!
We shall see ...
Yours sincerely
Boston Resident
16 June 2005

Mark Simmonds MP
In the Winter 2004 edition of Mark Simmonds MP's Boston & Skegness Report, Mr Simmonds states, "I believe Boston needs a bypass and I will do all I can to try and make this happen."
See full document ...


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Network Rail
The BBEG have received a reply from Network Rail.

"We are aware of the changes proposed by the Highway Authority ... and have a meeting arranged with Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate in late April to discuss these proposals."
29 March 2007
Read the letter ...

The BBEG have received a reply from the Government Office for the East Midlands.

"...the various studies undertaken by Lincolnshire County Council have concluded that a bypass for Boston would not be value for money and consequently the County Council has not made a bid for Government funding for such a scheme."
20 November 2006
Read the letter ...

The BBEG have met with Mark Simmonds MP.
BBEG meet with Mark Simmonds MP
BBEG Chairman Robert Fisher states: "It was a very revealing meeting, and it also gave us the chance to reaffirm our group's stance that a bit-part solution will not be acceptable - we do not want to be passed off with another John Adams Way by widening existing roads - the only solution is the provision of a decent road infrastructure around the town."
29 September 2006
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In The News
The Boston Target reports on 13 Sept 2006 that Boston parking fees are down by £12,000 this year.
Must pay to park after 6pm and also on a Sunday in Boston town centre
BBEG Chair Robert Fisher commented that, "Car parking charges in the town are extortionate .. the question we need to ask is what Boston Borough Council is doing to protect the businesses in the town."
13 September 2006
Read the article ...

MP writes to BBEG
In a letter to Robert Fisher, Mark Simmonds MP writes, "Regarding the Public Consultation by LCC ... I am sorry that I could not be with you in Boston on 19 July."
Letter from Mark Simmonds MP
"If you had heard my radio interview on 15 July on BBC Radio Lincolnshire you will have heard me express my reservations about the report (transport infrastructure briefing) and the necessity for officials to answer the very pertinent questions."
28 July 2006
See the letter ...

In The News
The BBEG's comments appeared in the Boston Target again this week under the headline "Roads study on its way (like the town traffic, it's been held up)".

The BBEG stated, "At the public meeting held in November 2004 about Boston's dire traffic situation, one of the most over-whelming comments made by the public was that something needed to be done about the number of traffic lights in the town. Richard Wills later stated at the meeting with the Leaders of both Councils that, "he knows best" and "the traffic lights are here to stay". How can one such individual have so much authority in the County and make such a final statement?".
28 June 2006
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In The News
A report of the BBEG's Formal Complaint to LCC, which has now been taken to Stage 3 - a Review by Chief Executive Tony McArdle - appeared in the Boston Target on 21 June 2006.

The article was placed under the headlines "Boston - a lower road priority than Crowland" and "'Jim's bypass' probe demand".
21 June 2006
Read the article ...

Front Page News!
BBEG member Ted Brooks made the front page of the Boston Standard on 12 April 2006, commenting about LCC's placement of 10 temporary speed humps in South Street.

Ted stated, "The situation was just stupid."
Steve Willis, LCC, admitted, "The intention was to slow traffic in that area, but we (the County Council) didn't anticipate the level of congestion."
12 April 2006
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