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Public Meeting - 29 January 2007

The Boston Bypass Pressure Groups Receive Mandate from Public to Continue

The Joint Public Meeting, held 29 January 2007 at the Haven High Technology College in Boston by the BBPG and the BBEG, resulted in a vote of confidence for the pressure groups to continue their fight for a major road scheme for Boston.

The public at the meeting clearly wanted the pressure groups to continue the campaign. They were also keen to have junction improvements and reductions in the number of traffic lights. It was also to be noted that there was not one person at the meeting who publicly endorsed the widening proposals for the A16 or Liquorpond Street.

The public also voted for the pressure groups to object to the short term measures - the road widening scheme - by calling for a Public Inquiry.

Boston Bypass Pressure Groups Public Meeting
Members of the Pressure Groups at the Public Meeting.
Christine Basu, Neil McGregor, Alan Dunnett (Meeting Chairman), Michael Borrill and Robert Fisher.

Cllr William Webb, Portfolio Holder for Highways at Lincolnshire County Council also attended the meeting, not to mention all the key players from the Borough. Cllr Webb repeated his commitment of last Thursday at the Scrutiny Management Meeting and Call In of the Executive Decision in the Chamber of LCC, to actively seek funding for a western distributor road.

As part of his presentation to the public (which you can view online - click here), Robert Fisher stated that a Parish Referendum for a Parish the size of Kirton would cost in the region of £800, and realised that multiple Parish Referenda, if held across the whole of Boston, would be much more expensive. "Our groups are very aware that we don't want to waste public monies unnecessarily, so we feel we would like to ask the public about this tonight. We also do not wish to detract from the local elections in May, which will be the real opportunity for the public to vote on the bypass issue."

The public at the meeting agreed with the pressure groups that wasting more public monies was not a good idea, and voted against holding any Referenda at this time.

The pressure groups have also launched a new petition, which Mark Simmonds MP has agreed to take to Parliament. The petition declares dissatisfaction with the short-term road widening options and demands a major road scheme immediately. You can complete the petition online below:

Boston Target - 31 Jan 2007
Front page news: Boston Target, 31 Jan 2007.

Petition (2007)

Mark Simmonds MP has agreed to take the pressure groups' petition to Parliament - please add your name to it and back our campaign in pushing for a major road infrastructure for Boston. We are dissatisfied with the road strategy proposed by Lincolnshire County Council for Boston in the short term. We want a major road scheme NOW which will allow traffic to flow ROUND the town but have access points to the centre of the town.

The Petition has now finished.

For further information, see BBEG and BBPG websites: and


Boston Bypass Public Meeting - 29 Jan 2007
You can now view the PowerPoint presentation, given by the pressure groups, online: View Presentation...

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