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The Grooby family leave Boston because of the traffic congestion

Interview with the Grooby family - Sunday 29 April 2007
The BBEG focus on one Ward of Boston to listen to the problems faced by local people. The Grooby family from the Skirbeck Ward are leaving Boston because of the traffic congestion. There are three candidates standing from the Boston Bypass Independents in this Ward: Paddy Rush, Anne Dorrian and Dave Hobson. Their BBI leaflet arrived today (29 April) and states that they will strive to: (a) Support the building of a new play area in Wellington Road; (b) Review the use of the skate park in Skirbeck Road; and (c) Campaign for an indoor sports facility on this side of town. They also promise to: (a) Support Party in the Park; (b) Review car parking charges; and (c) Investigate fully the affairs of the Princess Royal Sports Arena. The BBEG will follow their invitation to meet the candidates tomorrow (Monday 30 April). Other candidates are standing in this Ward - see full list of candidates.





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