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The BBEG follow the BBI's invitation to meet the Skirbeck Ward Candidates

Interview with two of the BBI Skirbeck Ward Candidates - Monday 30 April 2007
The BBEG followed the invitation by the BBI to meet two of their candidates, Paddy Rush and Dave Hobson, at St. Nicholas School, Woad Farm Road. Other candidates are standing in this Ward - see full list of candidates.
Dave Hobson: "People have got to [vote and] voice their opinion. I know there's a lot of people out there that don't vote - and I was one of them. Why they don't vote is simple, because there's been nothing to vote for. If we do get all 32 seats or very close, we can put pressure on."
Paddy Rush: "It's affecting everyone's life, not just us standing on the Council. Everyone's involved, everyone's got a voice - it's now it's got to be heard really. Everyone's fed up of it, I think, and it's now or never really."





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